VIDEO: AHRfilms Presents: Mr. Wiggles & YNot (Top Rock City) in Toronto (Directed by Mark Valino)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Directed by Mark Valino for AHR Films.

Another dope one!

Produced by: Giles Monette
Starring: Steffan “Mr.Wiggles” Clemente & Tony “YNot” DeNaro
Write up by: Tyler Rothmar
Photos by: Jerisse de Juan

“Art Honour Respect Crew ups the bar with a crisp piece featuring legendary hiphop veterans Mr. Wiggles and YNot. [Living] Super-conductors on a mission to ground hiphop’s current in its past, they speak on what the scene was like when they first came up, how things have changed, and their desire to bring back a positive, funky and social element to the cut-throat [/competitive] world of hiphop dance. Ever the stethoscope monitoring hiphop’s inner breath, AHR catches [/evokes] these renaissance men disseminating their art in Toronto, set to pow tunes by Mr. Wiggles himself, Fresh Kils and The Extremites.”

Valino’s log:
This was shot over 3 days during the 2011 Manifesto Festival and everything was really on the fly with these guys. The Interview and the show elements were shot at Manifesto’s “The Movement”, where Mr Wiggles and YNot were special guest performers. I caught Mr Wiggles’ performance and social popping session during the “All Style Dance Showcase”. Giles had caught YNot wandering around the “Floor BBoy Awards” and we decided to shoot him against the a Manifesto mural from one of the previous years. My favourite part of shooting this piece was the “Top Rock City” workshop where I could really take my time in setting up my shots and capturing all the angles I needed. The time of day couldn’t be more perfect. I used the natural light streaming from the window. As a bonus Mr. Wiggles busted out his sketchbook and started writing while YNot took over his portion of the workshop. I didn’t really set anything up. Many of the elements just fell into place, including the piece Mr Wiggle’s painted at Manifesto’s “Live @ the Square”. On top of all the other projects I was shooting for that day, I made sure I captured a couple shots of him during his process. What really tied this piece together was the music! Mr. Wiggles donated a track and I found a couple tracks that Fresh Kils had given us to use.

Check out the Timelapse of the “Top Rock City” Shoot:

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