INTERVIEW: Shi Wisdom (w/ The Come Up Show)

Ty Harper | Interviews,Music | Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Shi Wisdom has a voice one instantly remembers; an old soul voice that complements any classic production, what purists complain is missing from today’s music. Not only does she captivate with her voice but she writes music for some of the today’s most popular artists as well. Known for ripping every stage she touches with her live performance there is no reason to question why she is on everyone’s radar. With collaborations with JD Era, Kardinal Offishall, and a co-writing credit with Drake the songstress is poised to be the next big thing out of Toronto, but is that something she even cares about? One might be surprised to hear her answer. Check out our interview to see what she has to say about being considered “next”, her love with the city of Toronto, who in Hip Hop she grew up listening to and what she thinks about being signed to a major label.

Big Ske: Thanks for meeting with The Come Up Show, let’s get right into it. You have a lot of love for your city, how was your experience growing up in Toronto?

Shi-Wisdom: I grew up mostly around Eglinton West. When I was around twelve years old I moved to Maple, but I still went to elementary school in Eglinton. When I went to high school I attended a school in Maple. It wasn’t the best experience, it was a culture shock for me because growing up in Toronto you’re around all types of different people then you go somewhere where there’s one type of person and then you, I made the best of it. Growing up in Toronto is awesome though, I like the fact that it is so multicultural in comparison to other cities.

Big Ske: Funny you mentioned that I noticed you have some indian influence to you and your music.

Shi-Wisdom: I love Indian music, I love the way that they sing, it’s crazy watching them in their element . They don’t even move, It just pours out, I’ve actually been trying to do some training on classical Hindustani music. It’s really cool.

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