NEW MUSIC: Notes To Self feat. Fashawn “Mr. Polite” (Remix) (Prod. Book & Bronze for Heart On Sleeve)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Notes to Self – Mr. Polite [REMIX] with Fashawn

If you’ve heard of Notes to Self, you probably know we like part 2’s, remixes, re-edits and relapses. So when Bronze flipped the last minute change-up with Book at the end of the OG Mr. Polite joint, using some of Fash’s harmonies to bring out a whole new vibe… Damn, we already knew we HAD to rap on that flip too, naturally. I knocked my verse out, Swamp and Bronze followed suit. Dopey finished up with the cuts …and B&B auto-tuned’em! That’s right, auto-tuned cuts, on KRS’ voice too, go figure. We don’t push dope, we push envelopes! Ha-hah (Jadakiss voice)! Nah, but that part’s my shxt! I mean, there should probably be a remix limit, cause don’t you hate it when cats put out a remix like a year after the original drops? Faaack. Well, what about if they shot a video for it already though, and the whole joint is pretty much different? Ohhh, you didn’t think of that did you? Judgmental fxcks, Ha… Actually, we played the joint for Fash, and he’s like, “What’s up? I’m doing another verse right?” I guess we might need a part 3!

– Rage Rugged to the Roshin of Notes to Self

Artist: Notes to Self
Song: Mr. Polite [REMIX] with Fashawn
Produced by Bronze One (of Notes to Self) & Book (of Beatface)
AKA BOOK & BRONZE for Heart on Sleeve
***From the forthcoming Notes to Self project “Target Market [RECOIL]”
with DECON Records, OUT FEBRUARY 26th.

Illustrative Type & Animation by RUFFMERCY (
Design by COS & PK

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Previously: NEW MUSIC: Notes To Self “Sky Light [In Between]” (Prod. Book & Bronke for Heart On Sleeve)

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