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Ty Harper | Community,Sports,Video | Monday, October 28th, 2013

Another inspiring edition of On Point!…

Toronto Community Housing in partnership with the Department of Athletics and Recreation at University of Toronto Scarborough has introduced a first-of-its-kind program for city youth this summer: Midnight Madness Basketball.

The pilot program brings together 70 youth aged 14 to 16 from five Toronto Community Housing communities to play basketball at the UTS athletic centre on Friday nights during the summer.

Led by Shevon Thompson and Jelani Matthew, Midnight Madness combines both physical and personal development. Before stepping on the court for basketball drills and friendly competition under the guidance of mentors, the youth take part in life-skills workshops to learn about themselves, their peers and how to access positive life-changing opportunities.

Midnight Madness is supported by the Toronto Police Service, Ascot Co-op, Concrete Roses Youth Services and the East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club.

The pilot program includes five communities this summer (Alexandra Park, Cooper Mills, Flemington Park, Kingston Galloway, Queen’s Plate), but Toronto Community Housing hopes to expand it in future to include more communities and involve both boys and girls.

To find out more, call 416-981-6300, or e-mail

Please change settings to 720p for best best viewing.

Produced by Drew Ebanks Jay Irving & David Zelikovitz
Filmed by Tony Law and David Zelikovitz
Edited by David Zelikovitz
Graphics: Mark Sylvain
Music by: Blaoow! and Jed Ridgway

Special Thanks to Toronto Community Housing (TCH) and the York Square team as well as program leaders/mentors Jelani Matthew, Shevon Thompson & Olu Quamina.


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