NEW MUSIC: Elcee – Painless (Prod. Nii)

rez | Music | Thursday, March 13th, 2014


Catchin’ up with that dude Elcee. “Painless” is another joint as part of his #SoundCloudSunday series which you can get caught up on here.

We all have faults in our life, whether they’re controllable or not is another story. To fix our faults we have to accept them with admittance and learn to understand why they exist. Being honest to ourselves is a huge step in overcoming whats holding you back. You have to approach whatever holds you back with a fearless, painless mentality.

LaShawn Powell, artistically known as Elcee (Pronounced as the initials L.C.) was born in Halifax, Canada, but currently residing in Toronto, Canada. He is affiliated with the Virginia Beach based collective JetPacks and working under management of Fresh Recordings’ Justin Kinch. Writing lyrics was intially a coping mechanism when dealing with stress but as Elcee began to record songs, he realized that it connected with him differently. It helped him understand himself and share some of his experiences for others to possibly relate to. As an individual, Elcee continues to grow through lifes ups & downs and shares that with those willing to listen.
Elcee is a HipHop artist that occasionally does modern day R&B. He Raps and Sings on mellow production, often with a jazzy and/or ambient feel. Having said that, he does like to touch a variety styles of production, but staying within the urban world of genre’s. He also expirements frequently with Indie Electronic production, and adds a HipHop spin to it. Elcee’s content is as stated above, about himself. He never really dealt any drugs & isn’t a “Gangster”. He was an adolescent involved with sports, mainly basketball & underage drinking at house parties. He wasn’t naive to drugs or goons, but always kept himself seperate from that after learning from the experiences of a family member he was in close contact with.
Every Sunday since Jan. 26th, 2014 Elcee has been releasing a song via SoundCloud in promotion towards his upcoming project LeoSoul set to release July 23rd, 2014. #SoundCloudSunday is the title to the annual Sunday series. Below is a brief description of Painless, as well as the link to the song via SoundCloud.


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