NEW MUSIC: Theo 3 “Payin Hommage” (EP)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

And just like that Theo drops his 4-track latest project “Payin Hommage” for mass consumption.

NEW MUSIC: G Milla x Aden “(H.O.F.) Hearts On Fire” (EP) (Produced by ZepFire)

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Music | Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

G Milla connects with crew member Aden for his 2nd extended play project in as many weeks, also completely produced by Zepfire.

NEW MUSIC: Shad x DJ T.Lo “Knock”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Another nice one from the ShadT-Lo combo – looking forward to a full project from these two!

NEW MUSIC: Theo 3 “Hommage” (Prod. Big Tweeze)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

That new new properness from Theo with TheraP on the cuts and Tweeze on production.

EP drops in a bit, literally.

NEW VIDEO: Dan-e-o feat. Brotha J Vellore “Drive” (Directed by Savvy So Fly)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Monday, November 24th, 2014

Directed by Savvy So Fly.

Produced by Hype1 Productions, “Drive” is the fifth video from Dan-e-o’s third album, “Inevitable”, which is out now on URBNET Records.

Joined by Brotha J Vellore on this G Funk-inspired banger, Dan-e-o combines throwing punchlines with introducing a brand new dance!

Produced by Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz for Urban Bounce Productions
© 2014 Daniel Faraldo. Distributed by URBNET Communications Inc.

NEW MUSIC: Luu Breeze “Bucket List” (Prod. BatmanOnTheBeatz)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Monday, November 24th, 2014

New Luu produced by BatmanOnTheBeatz.



NEW VIDEO: Mr. Green – Live From The Streets Ep. 5 (Toronto feat. Rich Kidd, Tre Mission & Khari Wendell Mcclelland)

rez | Video | Sunday, November 23rd, 2014


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Mr. Green is back again with a new batch of tight collaborators, this time hooking up with Rich Kidd and Tre Mission. Read on for a statement from Green himself.

“For this episode we went out to Toronto Canada for their annual busker fest. Toronto is a nice city, the streets are clean and people are friendly but we saw a few street fights while we were there too.

First we headed to Yonge street to check out the festival. There were crazy sounds everywhere so it was tough to choose but we started with a guy named David who was playing an instrument he invented called the Tree-otica as well a guy named Mario dressed up like a tree while playing a saw. After that we filmed the violin band deVah Quartet and some fire performances. Next, we went over to Kensington market to film Khari Wendell Mcclelland while he was on a break from tour. Finally, we met up with Rich Kidd and Tre Missions and got them to spit verses for us.​”

The Live from the Streets album
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VIDEO: Ivana Santilli performs Unconditional by Jacksoul (Live for

rez | Video | Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

In celebration of Jacksoul’s upcoming Greatest Hits album, and of course, in memory of Haydain Neale (RIP), Ivana Santilli covers “Unconditional” via Noice. Always a pleasure to get some new sights and sounds from Ms. Santilli!

On Nov. 25, jacksoul will release a greatest hits album. The 15 tracks include fan favourites like “Don’t Stop” and “Still Believe in Love,” along with deeper cuts from the band’s catalogue.

Greatest Hits also serves as a celebration of creator and lead singer, Haydain Neale, who died all too soon at the age of 39 from lung cancer. The album serves up three new jacksoul songs from Neale’s previously unreleased demo files: “Got To Have It,” “Whole Day” and “Spiralling”.

Today, we bring you Ivana Santilli and her cover of jacksoul’s “Unconditional.”

NEW MUSIC: Ian Kamau x Georgia Anne Muldrow – Heading Home Remix

rez | Music | Saturday, November 22nd, 2014


So, remember Kamau‘s amazing album One Day Soon? If not, feel free to get caught up today (it is Kamau Day after-all). Well, he’s taken 3 of the stand-out tracks from the album and linked up with Georgia Anne Muldrow for an official Remix EP called Heading Home. The project is due for January 2015 but here’s the first taste of the collabo.

You can also pre-order on iTunes below!

Foreseen Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the single ‘Heading Home’ by Toronto MC Ian Kamau and LA/Vegas based producer/vocalist Georgia Anne Muldrow. The track is featured off the forthcoming ‘Heading Home (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix EP)’ which is being released on January 6th, 2015.  The 3-song EP includes Heading Home, plus additional remixes by Georgia Anne Muldrow for “Traffic,” and “The Village.”  The EP is currently available for pre-order with an instant great download of the lead single ‘Heading Home.’  

Ian Kamau EPK – 

EP Bandcamp Stream & Pre-Order Link:

iTunes EP Pre-Order Link:


INTERVIEW: Ian Kamau w/

rez | Interviews | Saturday, November 22nd, 2014


OkayPlayer chops it up with Ian Kamau as part of their “First Look” series. Never too late to get the official intro. Happy Kamau Day!

Today so many young people with upward mobility have labeled themselves a “creative” that the word–and the notion of what it means to create something–is in danger of being lost in a shuffle of commerce, social media and trends. But to truly be creative, to find fulfillment, challenge and peace in self-expression will never lose its power, and although it’s easier now than ever to get caught up in the style of the moment, some young artists are still tapping into the timeless captivation that creativity begets.What do you think?

One such artist is Canadian Ian Kamau, a Toronto-based MC and musician whose talent is erasure. Kamau’s output defies easy classification and obliterates the boundaries between what it is to make music, write poetry, craft images and foster change. In a new interview with Okayplayer, Kamau spoke passionately about his need to both make things and overcome limitations; the resulting conversation became a kind of meditation on artistry in our digital age, more concerned with broad concepts than the fine details of how to rhyme. Inspired by painters, filmmakers, visits to Africa and life in Toronto, Kamau’s long explanations are warmly encouraging for anyone sick of the never-ending chatter. Donning his MC cap, Kamau also just dropped “Heading Home,” a brand new track composed of jazz-tinged piano, tribal African-style drumming and a gritty hip-hop backbeat. It’s a sprawling piece, one that Okayplayer is very pleased to premiere in this First Look. Read on to learn about Ian Kamau in his own words and hear what concentrated creativity sounds like. Bonus: also in store is a video that tells the tale of Kamau’s beginnings.

OKP: Please introduce yourself to the people–who is this Ian Kamau?What do you think?

IK: I’m an artist, a creative; I make things. I was born and raised in Toronto. My parents are both documentary filmmakers, the first in Canada, so I was born into a community of artists.What do you think?

OKP: As an artist with fingers in multiple media (music /poetry/ visual arts etc) how do you balance the different modes of expression? Do you ever develop ideas from one and end up with another?What do you think?

IK: I’ve always been a creator. The process of making things is probably my only true joy outside of my connections with people. I don’t see forms of art as different, they are a continuum, connected and related to each other. The same process inherent in design is the process inherent in music and writing. Most of my art is essentially collage, with production you pull sounds together, with writing you blend words, film is the same, with design it is visual elements like photography, illustration and text. It’s just like making a meal for someone, you have ingredients and you fuse them together, the way that you combine them is your creativity, your expression. It’s all essentially the same process, it’s just a question of what your favorite ingredients are. My cousin Roger is a well-known chef, he’s a good example of that. My ideas are always wandering between different media, and right now I’m interested in self actualization and place-making, how to make ourselves whole through creative processes; I have a long way to go.



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