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Description says it all. NUE is officially back.

Following the release of three lead singles; Obvious, Alaska and Fever – Toronto’s NUE has officially let loose his highly anticipated debut project ‘IROQUOIS’. Featuring 13 records, the mixtape serves as the first full length offering from the up and coming Canadian artist. Already referred to as ‘a favourite’ by the respected Pigeons and Planes team, and praised for having a ‘refreshing sound’ by The Source, NUE has made quite an impression for only having released three full length singles. The sounds on IROQUOIS are spacey and minimalistic. Executive producer A.I.D’s subtle production style gives room for NUE to not just ride a beat, but make his voice a leader layer that shapes the song. NUE switches flows on a dime – flipping from menacing to delicate and everything in between. The wait has been worth it, experience the full mixtape for yourself and you’ll quickly see what all the hype is about!

“I feel like IROQUOIS was just me recording my life for a year. It’s more about feeling than definition. I was just going through life at the time and documenting how I felt and the things that were going on. Every song happened from us (ILL RITUAL) living and recognizing the moments that we felt deserved a song right then and there in the moment.” – NUE


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