EVENTS: Zahra Siddiqui “The Invisible Majority” (09/08 @ Daniel’s Spectrum)

Ty Harper | Artwork,Events,Pics,Visuals | Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Zahra - Invisible Image

1st solo exhibit for photographer Zahra Siddiqui.

Curated by elle Alconcel and Negarra Kudumu, “The Invisible Majority” is the first solo exhibition by image maker Zahra Siddiqui. Known for her vivid portraits, she has explored her creative output and will showcase a new series of mixed media works. This concept of using photography, and interwoven with canvas, textiles, adornments and paint, is a celebration of her diverse roots and heritage. The series is a compliment to the journey of her travels, and unravels with the multiple layers on each canvas. Zahra Siddiqui explores her own relationship to creating and her lived experiences, and showcases that with the persons dignified in each piece.

The exhibitions are open to the public daily (Mon–Fri 8 am – 9pm, Sat–Sun 10am – 6pm) from September 8 – October 31, 2016.

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 8, 2016
6pm – 10pm

Artist Talk:
Sunday, September 11, 2016
2pm – 4pm
Artscape Lounge at Daniels Spectrum

Kate Fraser
WolF J McFarlane
Shi Wisdom
Tamara Sylvester
Moderator: Negarra Kudumu

Artist Bio

Zahra Siddiqui is a Toronto-based South Asian photographer, documenter and visual artist. She picked up the camera 5 years ago and has had the privilege to share space with so many diverse, creative, inspiring and empowering artists of colour. Her journey has allowed her to travel and document not only in Toronto but also New York City and Trinidad and Tobago. In a short amount of time, Zahra has amassed an archive which represents a community of people who she believes is an essential part of what makes our world go round. Instagram: @Zahra_Siddiqui |

NEW VIDEO: Shane Stirling presents “The Leadertape” (No. 03) – Sam Shuter

Ty Harper | Community,Video,Visuals | Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Latest installment of Stirling’s artist profiles.

About The Leadertape:
The Leadertape comes from my passion for storytelling. Painting a picture through the senses to bring forth a vivid connection to the people, places and things that inspire me. My medium has changed from pencil and pad, to paint and canvas to pixel and screen, but the motivation has always been the same; to capture the moment forever. The participants of ‘The Leadertape’ that I will be showcasing over the coming months, I believe to be leaders. Leaders of thought, art and culture. My path has crossed with these people at various points in our journey and I want to share with you their stories so that you to can cross paths with theirs. It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Sam Shuter
Moving Pictures. Moving Personalities. The Leadertape.
Inspired by symmetrical lines and vibrant colors, Artist Samara Shuter’s work juxtaposes her often abstract backgrounds with her more figurative foreground drawings in two different styles. Her larger than life art stems from her appreciation for the traditional elements of men’s fashion; a colorful necktie, a beautiful Italian boot, and more specifically, the lines of a well-tailored suit. The strength of the suit is what drives Sam to create her paintings. “[The suit] has represented something for decades; power, productivity, strength, economic prosperity, and hard work.” For Sam it is not about the sex of the person under the suit, but about what wearing the suit has meant in society for so long.
While working most often in acrylics and oils on canvas, Sam is open to exploring other avenues. As her style develops, she is continuously influenced by street art, stenciling and graffiti; as well as graphic design. With no intention of parting ways with what has already become her trademark theme, she is constantly developing new ideas.
Sam Shuter is currently independent, and selling her work privately in Toronto.
Website: Sam Shuter
Twitter: @samshuter
More about Shane Stirling:
Director. Designer. Storyteller. Stirling is a classically trained visual artist with an approach that is as dynamic as it is polished. His music video direction perennially achieves high rotation placements while consistently topping charts and countdowns. His design work has seen him define national retail environments, market legendary cultural icons and present iconic brands in a inspiring and authentic manner. His penchant for trendsetting has seen him work with cultural and commercial powerhouses as Nike, Bentley, and New Era Caps to connect with leaders of culture and early adapters. His imagery is deftly crafted by connecting bold, broad strokes with the intricacies of culture, lifestyle and authenticity. Nothing goes unnoticed, no detail is arbitrary, nothing is placed in frame without purpose, Stirling’s strength is his ability to produce refined, penetrating visuals. For Stirling, art and commerce are not mutually exclusive. He is as authentic in his skill set and experience as he is in his unbridled lust to create lasting impressions.
Website: Shane Stirling / Co.
Twitter: ShaneStirlingCo
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