NEW VIDEO: Kayo “1Night” (Directed by the Hansen-MacDonald Brothers for Trinocular Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Directed by the Hansen-MacDonald Brothers for Trinocular Films.

Latest single/visual from  Kayo and produced by Classified.

Get the single @

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NEW VIDEO: Kat feat. OB O’Brien “Popular” (Directed by Figvrati Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Directed by Figvrati Films.

Full visuals for Kat’s collabo with OB (who also produced it).

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NEW VIDEO: Saidah Baba Talibah “Revolution” (Directed by Charles Wahl)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Directed by Charles Wahl.

Here is the OFFICIAL Video for Revolution! Leave a comment and let me know what your revolution is and what you’re passionate about!


Let’s keep in touch!

Production company: Reactiv Pictures
Exec. Producer: Anna Junger
Producer: Charles Wahl & David Click Cox
Editor: Skinner @ stealing time
DOP: Pacha Patriki
1st AD: Muzafar Malik
1st Camera Assistant: Jackson Yeung
Art Direction / Props / Wardrobe: Megan Wahl
Key Grip / Gaffer Nabil Milne
PA Adrian Patterson
Color Correction: Tricia Hagoriles
Makeup artist: Cassandra Carter & Nichole Robinson
Wardrobe: Jerisse De Juan

Full lyrics after the jump!

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NEW MUSIC: k-Os “Superbad!”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Thursday, June 21st, 2012

A possible taste of what to expect from k-Os’ upcoming “Black on Blonde” project (?).

Altho he says it’s a “free song appetizurrr”, Kheaven only knows how long this link’ll be up for so enjoy and dld while you can.

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NEW MUSIC: Luu Breeze – Demolition Man feat. Marcus Manchild (Prod. Daniel Worthy)

rez | Music | Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Still haven’t had the ‘money over boobies’ debate with Luuis. Ah well…more new Breezy!

DOWNLOAD: Luu Breeze – Demolition Man feat. Marcus Manchild



NEW VIDEO: Mega City Mikey “Music To Die By (Blue Lagoon)” (Directed by Donny Iceburg)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Produced and Directed by Donny Iceburg.

Visuals for another cut off Mega City’s upcoming “The Mikey Hammerz Story” which drops June 26th.

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Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Music | Thursday, June 21st, 2012


BLEMFACE emcee and producer NYIAM is back at it with STONERS, the third official album to hit the scene since last year’s independent release. On Stoners the Canadian emcee not only puts on a display of some of his most clever wordplay, but also keeps your head nodding to all 8 self produced tracks.

Since his formal introduction to the Toronto music scene , Nyiam has shared the stage with American and Canadian acts alike, opening for the notorious Dirty Dozen, Obie trice, and various local artists including Adam Bomb and Mayhem Morearty.From his hardcore rap style to his effervescent approach to making music, this multi-talented rapper and composer is known for leaving heads bobbing in his wake.

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NEW VIDEO: Maza Man “Serenity” (Directed by Big Sproxx)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Directed by Big Sproxx.


El Corazon Album Now Available!
Free Download of “Serenity w/DJ PACK” @

Youtube = Mazamanhd

Facebook = Mazaman

Twitter = @mazamann

Bookings and inquiries =

Video inquiries =

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NEW MUSIC: Sep – In My Brain feat. Xp

rez | Music | Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Back on that SepTo ish.

DOWNLOAD: Sep – In My Brain feat. Xp


NEW MUSIC: Blake Carrington “Legendary” (DJ Pack) (Prod. Ric Notes)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

The Carrington/Notes combination is back for the debut single off Blake’s upcoming “Failure” project.

Oui Self Made is proud to release “Legendary” – the lead single off Blake Carrington’s upcoming FAILURE Project. Produced by Ric Notes, “Legendary” evokes the raw emotions and hunger for success that mark Blake Carrington’s rebirth and evolution as an artist.

In this compelling and motivational track, Blake speaks as an advocate for those who have faced failure and overcome it to pursue their dreams. Shouting out influential hip hop legends Biggie, Tupac, and the Wu-Tang Clan, Blake makes it clear that he refuses to give up, and that his time to shine is now.

The FAILURE Project represents Blake’s commitment to making his dreams a reality, even when confronted with failure. Blake is an innovative and dedicated artist who has put a huge amount of work into his musical career, despite being faced with adversity. He is “failing forward” towards his success, representing anyone who has ever overcome failure to pursue their goals.

“Legendary” ends with a quote from Muhammad Ali that reflects Blake’s journey of over 10 years in music: “I’m experienced now, professional. Jaws been broke, been lost, knocked down a couple times.” Blake Carrington has been through the wire and risen above failure. Oui Self Made is making history and ready to show the world exactly what legends are made of.

Look out for the stunning visual accompaniment to “Legendary” dropping July 1st, as well as chapter two of the “Failing Forward” series entitled “D.O.P.E”, which will be released soon.


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