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More newness from the BBRC fam. Lovin’ the context these guys give for (almost) every song. We often take for granted what goes in to making music, film, TV, art in general. So take a peep below at the process / story…

Project: TMR II (Loosies)

Artist: BBRC

Song: “UTBD II & III”

Produced by “Book & Bronze”

Mixed and Mastered by Erich Preston

Artwork by Ruffmercy x Bronze (RUFFNOTES)


Notes to Self BBRC

An Introduction is an action of introducing – or the state of being introduced. A preliminary part, as of a book, musical composition, leading up to the main part.
A Trilogy is a group of 3, starting with the main part – becoming a series of 3 related things; novels, plays, films, operas or albums.

2011: NTS extended family and frequent collaborator, Lee Gaul, writes an early variation of “Used to be Dark” (a song that later becomes track 9 on NTS’s sophomore LP, “RECOIL” with Decon Records).

2012: Shortly thereafter, Gaul records a rough acoustic demo of the song using his laptop & built-in cpu mic – he is surprisingly able to capture a wonderfully soulful piece of music entirely off-the-cuff – and it’s in this very process that producer and close-friend, Bronze, recognizes the fleeting moment of Gaul’s vocal genius & imperfect beauty in his recording – allowing Bronze to reproduce it with production partner Book, while utilizing Gaul’s original vocal demo, “Used to be Dark” becomes a raw and guttural melancholic anthem that shapes the eventual story of 4 voices going their separate ways after sharing a singular life-altering event together, based on true events.

2013: Producers “Book & Bronze” with NTS, then create 2 variations of the demo for their “RECOIL” LP; “UTBD Intro”, an introduction to the LP, and “Used to be Dark”, the single-cut (serving as part I), both deeply steeped in indie-folk & electro-rock influences. “Used to be Dark” purposefully contains skeleton pieces (as samples) of the original raw acoustic Gaul demo, giving the song its earnest and soulful edge. While mixing the records in their final stages, “Used to be Dark” is chosen to serve as the LP’s anchor, and NTS decide to name their project after the song. Decon Records are very much behind the song as a single, but latterly are not in favour of titling the LP by the same name, “Used to be Dark” – which is eventually accompanied by a rich visual, keeping its intended name (but not before NTS change their LP title just shy of its release date, to “RECOIL”). The LP’s “UTBD Intro”, a variation that does not contain Gaul’s actual recordings of any kind, but purposefully shares the same chord progressions, is produced & titled primarily in reference to its predecessor – and both pieces are placed 8 songs from one another, cleverly used in their entirety on the final “RECOIL” LP track listing.

2014: Bronze has his newly formed BBRC group record vocals to a loose series of unused stems in a subtly stripped-back sequence of UTBD’s Intro, w/o them even knowing it – an hour-long exercise for the hell of it. Naturally naming the session file “UTBD II”, Roshin writes & croons while Bronze chops & exploits his melodies, honing in on one; “Wherever I Go (I flew way too far)” – a melody that Arowbe then repeats his own sentiments over; “last chance, meet me at the airport, I’ll be the stylish looking loser with the broken-heart”. BBRC then have the bulk of their new songs direction, of what will eventually become their UTBD sequels (II & III) – perhaps looking to complete their trilogy’s evolution?

2015: While in LA during a series of recording sessions, Book & Bronze explore the evolving demo that Bronze has built with his BBRC brethren from TO, on-hand nothing more than to improvise and have fun in between sessions & studios, adding to “UTBD II’s” song-writing & production in on-the-fly fashion; not over-thinking any of it.

2016: In an attempt to bring the song series out of its melancholic bravado, Bronze & Roshin revisit “UTBD II” as a warm-up to get loose creatively in-session – they write part “III” together without flinching – liberating them from RECOIL’s cycle – while the message is still relevant to their lives.


NEW MUSIC: Harrison – Vertigo feat. a l l i e (Mesa Luna Remix)

rez | Music | Saturday, December 3rd, 2016


Producer extraordinaire Harrison connects with Vancouver’s Mesa Luna for an official remix of “Vertigo”.

chk out Harrison’s album ‘Checkpoint Titanium’.
Artwork: Kali Malinka


NEW MUSIC: Sayzee – imnotcool (Prod. MDKNIGHT)

rez | Music | Saturday, December 3rd, 2016


I guess Sese got tired of telling people how to pronounce his name, lol. Thus…introducing Sayzee. I really really really wish we could get to a place where rappers just stop saying “f*cking b*tches” though. It’s 2016. Grown men shouldn’t be saying sh*t like that anymore man. Sh*t’s soooooooo played out. And I like Sayzee too so no shots. Just trying to get people to realize that sh*t like that isn’t cool anymore (no pun intended).

Sayzee, Formally known as “Sese” has taken a small hiatis and returned with a new sound #IMNOTCOOL
-Produced by MDKNIGHT
-Mixed by ADG sound


NEW VIDEO: A Tribe Called Red feat. Saul Williams x Chippewa Travellers “The Virus” (Directed by Tunaskila)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Directed by Tunaskila.

Latest visuals from ATCR for their linkup with Saul Williams and Chippewa Travellers.

“When the first question arose it took the form of a virus. The virus was a hallucinogen. Walking on water wasn’t built in a day. If plagiarism is a thing what do you call it on land? What does it mean to be true to your word? What does it mean to stand your ground? What does it mean to protect and serve? What does it mean when corporate interests encroach upon communal resources? What does it mean when we let the oligarchs of industry dig up the graves of First Nations to suck the blood beneath the bones and boil the profits in contaminated water?

We are the seventh generation. We are the protectors of this land, the protectors of water. We are not a conquered people. We will issue no warning. It will come thinly veiled or not veiled at all. The drum will beat. And you will hear it. There is no question.” – Saul Williams

We Are The Halluci Nation was released on September 16th to critical acclaim. The record hit #1 on the iTunes Canada Top 200, spent two weeks at #1 on Earshot!, and reached #2 on the iTunes USA Top 200 Electronic chart. We Are The Halluci Nation was also named the #1 record on CBC’s list of the 25 best Canadian albums of 2016.

Featuring appearances by from Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), Saul Williams, Polaris Prize-winning throat singer Tanya Tagaq, Shad, Lido Pimienta, Leonard Sumner, John Trudell, Northern Voice, The Chippewa Travellers, and more, We Are The Halluci Nation is a visionary blend of electronic and dance music that’s forward-thinking with a deep sense of heritage and cultural identity.

“A visionary trio of DJs…there probably isn’t anything else like it on Earth.”
– Washington Post

Dec 3 Winnipeg, MB | The Garrick Centre Centre
Dec 6 Minneapolis, MN | Skyway Theatre
Dec 7 Chicago, IL | Lincoln Hall
Dec 8 London, ON | London Music Hall
Dec 9 Toronto, ON | REBEL (formerly known as Sound Academy)
Dec 14 Kingston, ON | Stages Night Club
Dec 15 Montreal, QC | Corona
Dec 16 Peterborough, ON | The Red Dog

DOWNLOAD – hi-res photo | DOWNLOAD – album cover artwork

DOWNLOAD – The Virus, Alan Rosales remix artwork
DOWNLOAD – The Virus, The Very Best remix artwork

NEW VIDEO: Daniel Caesar feat. Kali Uchis “Get You” (Directed by Liam MacCrae)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Directed by Liam MacRae.

Visuals for Daniel’s latest with Kali Uchis, inspired by this CBC performance…

Shouts to this whole team!

“Get You” ft. Kali Uchis available everywhere!
Apple Music:
Google Play:

Written by Daniel Caesar & Kali Uchis
Produced by Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett
Music by Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, BADBADNOTGOOD, Ian Culley & Wes Allen
Mixed & Mastered by Riley Bell

Director: Liam MacRae
Band/Co-starring: BADBADNOTGOOD
Styling: Sean Brown
Photography: Keavan Yazdani
Movement coach/Choreographer: Gregory Villarico

Special thanks to 507 Antiques

Connect with Daniel Caesar:

VIDEO: Zaki Ibrahim – Home (Live @ The Lab)

rez | Video | Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Beautiful live version of “Home” captured in Cape Town, South Africa. Check out the GoFundMe campaign below for more info on what Zaki’s up to. The re-release of Sho (iqra in orange) is really special for her and for the city.

Congrats to her and the team!

‘Home’ will be available as a bonus track on the 10 year anniversary re-release of Sho (iqra in orange)

Video Recorded in 2014 at ‘The Lab’ Cape Town & Mixed by Rob Brinkworth at Resonate. Mastering by fin.

Original song written and recorded in Toronto 2006


INTERVIEW: Kavale w/ The Come Up Show

rez | Interviews | Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Shouts to this dude man. He’s been on the grind for a couple years now and is steadily building up his buzz one release at a time. Shouts to Chedo too of course:).

This week we had up-and-coming Toronto rapper Kavale join us on the show. His EP release last year, Genius, saw much success on the charts. His most recent EP Carpe Diem, released earlier this month, has been the talk of Toronto’s music scene. His new debut combines a mix of melodic ballads and trap-like beats to create a nuanced sound that’s unique to Kavale.

I talked to Kavale to discuss his new EP, what inspires him to make music, and how faith keeps him going. Here’s an excerpt from the interview, play the podcast to hear more.

Each and every Wednesday we’ll be uploading a brand new interview with a guest we feel that you should know about. If you love podcasts subscribe at the options below.


The Toronto Sound | November 2016

rez | Music | Thursday, December 1st, 2016


It’s the first of the mooooooonth! It’s the first of the mooooooonth!

2016 almost DONE!!! It’s been a totally crazy year full of joy, pain, WTFs, connections and heartbreaks but as always, music continues to help us through it all. At we celebrate the music from our city and our home and every month compile this short list of songs from blog posts from that month. Hope you find the time to take it in…

Thank you to all these artists. You make my TTC rides lovely.

The Toronto Sound | November 2016
01. ShaqIsDope – Owe Me
02. City Fidelia – Lately
03. Somewhere Else – Move Together feat. Majid Jordan
04. Belly – Re Up feat. Nav
05. Teddy Fantum – On Me feat. G Milla
06. Yanchan – New Me
07. Gilla – Pray 4 Me
08. Keysha Freshh – Boogie Flats
09. Tay Jireh – The Flame
10. Ebhoni – Forgive Me
11. 11:11 – Lock Down
12. Adria Kain – Mutual
13. Zaki Ibrahim – Moving Bodies


NEW MUSIC: Plaza – Personal

rez | Music | Thursday, December 1st, 2016


The children of The Weeknd are growing up…

Dope intro to a new artist named Plaza!

NEW MUSIC: SE7ENs – A Suh We Stay

rez | Music | Thursday, December 1st, 2016


J Wyze and Kolor Brown aka SE7ENs with a full release called “A Suh We Stay”. Shouts to these dudes man. They’ve BEEN putting in work. Def looking forward to taking this one in…


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