NEW VIDEO: Ian Kamau & Jai Nitai – You I (Directed by Jai Nitai Lotus)

rez | Video | Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Official viz, as promised, courtesy of Kamau and Jai Nitai. Nice vibe for my Tuesday AM.

“You I” is a song about the insecurity of modern relationships, a song about “ifs” and “maybes”. 
Song available at
Written by Ian Kamau
Produced by Jai Nitai Lotus

Directed by Jai Nitai Lotus
Starring Vincia Herbert
“You I” calligraphy by Nik Brovkin (


NEW MUSIC: Sean Jones – One in a Million (Prod. Ben Mink)

rez | Music | Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Sean Jones (formerly of In Essence) sounding real nice on his new solo joint “One in a Million”. Looking forward to his debut project! Congrats man.


NEW MUSIC: D-Sisive “Alan” (Prod. Arkeologists)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


Alan was our first attempt at The D.Ark Tape, though we didn’t have an album title at the time. I kinda feel this was the first The Reunion Tour, though I feel The Reunion Tour is the only The Reunion Tour. Does that make sense?

It always starts with me eating a Subway sub and Norm rolling weed. Then he’ll get up, turn on his machines and pound away on the pads – chopping up a sample. By the time he’s programming the drums, I’m already 10 bars into a verse. That’s the way we’ve always worked. Produced|Written|Recorded on the spot…released the next day.

The file on my computer says this was made on October 31|2011. We met up to knock out a few more songs [Nothing, Mr. Romance] then drifted. In 2013, the assorted cold-cut and rolled kush reunited to create the classic, The D.Ark Tape. And Yes…I called my own shit a classic. I call it that because it’s better than everything. I’ve done that a few times. I’m sure of that. What I’m unsure of is if kids still call weed Kush. Do they?

producer: Arkeologists

mixed: Norman Krates
recorded by Norman Krates in his Den, Toronto, Canada.
twitter|instagram: @DerekChristoff

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NEW MUSIC: Brotha J “Around The Way Girl”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Monday, August 4th, 2014

Brotha J offers up his take on the LL classic.

Summer in Toronto has never been sweeter. As the rest of the world finally sits up to pay attention to the hotbed of talent the T-Dot is, all eyes are on the city as Brotha J is on deck and ready to get next.  Earlier this year, the soulful vocalist ignited the flame with his rendition of “Let Me Love You Down”, which dropped in time for Valentine’s Day. Now he’s back to deliver a summer anthem. With his newest release, Brotha J flips LL Cool J’s classic, Around the Way Girl, and not only makes it his own, but a classic for the next generation. Known as a powerhouse for his soulful hip hop voice, Brotha J is one to watch, as he takes R&B to another level.

Just in time for the Long Weekend, enjoy the singles package by clicking the links below:





NEW MIXTAPE: D.O. “Home For The Summer” (mixed by DJ IV)

Ty Harper | Audio,Mixtape,Music | Monday, August 4th, 2014

D. O. offers up a 13-track retrospective of new and previously released cuts, mixed by DJ IV.

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NEW MUSIC: Different Kitchen presents: The Names Are Known “P.S.A.” (Prod. Fresh Kils)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Newness from Nana and IJamesJones’ in celebration of the dude Ian Steaman and his Different Kitchen blog’s 11 years covering hip-hop music.

To celebrate 11 years of sharing great music & culture and doing things a little differently than the average music site, long-running music blog, DIFFERENT KITCHEN ( ) has announced the forthcoming release of a compilation album titled, THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… (the title a tongue in cheek homage to Spinal Tap) to mark the milestone of their 11th anniversary. THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… will feature 11 brand new, unreleased tracks by some favorite artists who have been featured on and supported by DIFFERENT KITCHEN over the past eleven years plus two extra cuts which have seen only limited previous release. The release date for the album is 8.11.14. The first single from the album is “Known P.S.A.” by Toronto’s The Names Are Known, a duo comprised of NaNa, one of Toronto’s top club DJs, and I.JAMES.JONES, featuring a banger of a track produced by Fresh Kils. Go to to hear more advance music from THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… in upcoming days. THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… release date: 8.11.14 Watch The Names Are Known – “Known P.S.A.” (Trailer) on: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: Additional credits: Song written by N. Gyamfi-Kumanini, I. James Song produced by Fresh Kils ( Audio mastering by @echosound-studiolab ( Art by @Krunkpony for Tiffany Pilgrim Art Direction & Graphic Design ( Follow The Names Are Known Online: Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – More about THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN…: Other artists featured on THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… include acclaimed Bronx, NY-based rapper and former Battery/Jive records artist, Mickey Factz; veteran Toronto MC, King Reign; electronic soul duo from Australia, Audego recently featured on KCRW’s blog as an ‘Artist You Should Know’; 2013 Harbourfront Soundclash Music Award winner singer, Brendan Philip and the 416 Band, a brand new group project produced by 2013 Red Bull Thre3style Toronto champion and remix/production wiz, DJ M-Rock. A mix of contemporary and classic hip-hop, electronic and urban alternative sounds, DIFFERENT KITCHEN head curator, Ian Steaman explains, “I’ve long wanted to do a compilation album of original music tied to DIFFERENT KITCHEN and, after missing our 10th Anniversary last year due to life and work issues, the 11th Anniversary concept just came to me. The album came out exactly the way I was hoping: different, creative & quality showcasing incredible artists who may not be getting as much shine as I think they deserve which is why I started the blog in the first place way back in 2003. Also, as a (now) Toronto-based site, I’m really happy that over half the artists featured on the album are from Canada. I hope people are as excited when they hear the album as I was putting it together.” To promote THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN…, an 11 day campaign leading up to the August 11th release date begins today featuring the release of Instagram teaser video trailers for several tracks from the album followed by feature posts on DIFFERENT KITCHEN premiering the full songs. The posts will include interviews with the artists where they talk about music, past and current, they have contributed to the site. In addition, THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN… will also exclusively premiere the song and music video, “Pi (Brahma Built)” by Montreal’s Jai Nitai Lotus from his forthcoming Acknowledgement mixtape.

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NEW MUSIC: Elaquent “You Don’t Know Me Like That”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

New one from Elaquent.

Little Victories EP coming soon in addition to Anywhere But Here you can see im trying to stay busy.

never really made this type of track before, thought i might as well give it a try. free download.
instagram = elaquent = north america booking = rest of world

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NEW MUSIC: D.O. feat. D-Sisive & Aspektz “Old Habits” (DJ Pack) (Prod. Jahronomo Inc)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

D. O. gets the assist from D-Sisive and Aspektz for the final taste of new music off his upcoming “Home For The Summer” mixtape with DJ IV.

Produced by Jahronomo Inc.

Download MP3 DJ Pack

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Previously: NEW MUSIC: D-Sisive “Let The Buzz Begin” (Prod. MoSS)

NEW VIDEO: VLXL (Via Linez x Lyve) – Hazard Lights

rez | Video | Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Trains, Automobiles & Flights push officially begins.


Via Linez and Lyve drop their 1st Single “Hazard Lights” from their collaborative LP, Trains Automobiles & Flights, dropping 3rd Qtr of 2014.

Trinidad Carnival inspired, Via goes in showing his true Trinidadian colours and wastes no bars in doing so. Lyve on the assist with an absolute trillmatic-soca fused beat compliments the witty emcee and shows why this duo is in a lane on their own.

Hazard Lights.


NEW MUSIC: Moka Only “Something Or Nothing”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Saturday, August 2nd, 2014


Previously: NEW MUSIC: Moka Only “Knowing That You Would”

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