NEW MUSIC: Louis Val – Limbo (EP)

rez | Music | Monday, July 25th, 2016


Another strong intro from another youngin’ with potential. Sounds like Roy Wood$ at times but I’m sure he’ll get over that…

NEW MUSIC: Named Tobias “Blood Work” (EP)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Sunday, July 24th, 2016


Peace and Greetings,

Named Tobias. releases his latest 6 track mix tape titled “Blood Work” just in time for the summer. A very transparent, cohesive body of work is displayed on this listen, touching familiar and unfamiliar production. He has decided to introduce his new direction in sound and style with this tape.

“I Speak from a dark place only to shed LIGHT.. I hope its felt and understood.” – Named Tobias.


NEW MUSIC: A Tribe Called Red feat. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear “R.E.D.”

Ty Harper | Music | Sunday, July 24th, 2016

New sounds from 2oolman, Bear Witness and DJ NDN!

Pre-Order The Album and get the song instantly!

First Nations electronic pow wow DJ trio A Tribe Called Red have unveiled
“R.E.D.,” their collaboration with Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), MC
Narcy and Black Bear, a drum group from the Manawan Atikamekw Nation in
Quebec. “R.E.D.” is a scalding song, a bleak beat stacked with synths, shouts
and a flurry of percussion. It’s from A Tribe Called Red’s forthcoming album
‘We Are The Halluci Nation,’ out September 16.

NEW VIDEO: Grandtheft – Summer in the Winter feat. Fantastic Modern (360 VR)

rez | Video | Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Official viz off producer-extraordinaire Grandtheft’s EP, Quit This City.

“Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.”

© 2016 Grandtheft Inc. under exclusive license to Pirates Blend Records Inc.


NEW MUSIC: Theo3 – Youth Work

rez | Music | Saturday, July 23rd, 2016


Another dope one from Theo3, over one of his favorite beats of course. This time he’s detailing his time working in the community. Actual real talk. Dope.

This is a story about how I grew up, and those who influenced me, the way I then became a youth worker and saw the EXACT same things in every neighbourhood. The second verse is dedicated to all the youth who I personally knew who got murdered in the Toronto streets. Much love to Parkdale and all my people there. Bless up.

This is the first drop from “MY FAVOURITE BEATS vol 1” and features Group Home – Up Against the Wall (Get Away Car rmx) and Shadez of Brooklyn – Change.

“I saw em him everyday, ball playin’ at the open gym, hoping to win, run to 11, then sub one of your bredrens, on those long wooden benches we’d wait, all the manden yelling. Tell em to shoot, or laughing when you got crossed and fell friends who passed through always shooting on the side hoops, little kids and the O.G.’s who would looked out for the youth. There was beats playin, the shitty rec centre speakers struggling to bump the layers that music was conveying. There were 3 or 4 girls by a table just waiting for the bravest of boys step and get nathan. In front of everybody she would carry on snotty but on the walk put her number in your phone. There were old creepers, r kellys with nice sneakers, had the young girls sprung, and the baby moms beefing, with the young divas, thinking that their man might leave em not known they all pawns in his games of deceiving. There were old heads dropping knowledge, we’d catch a gem or two, they were dropping out of college trying to get the revenue. But some things never change, no matter the age, through life’s stage turning of that new page and thats why I’m here to talk about the man thats gone clear, to talk about the youth thats gone, CLEAR.

I got arrested I’m conflicted, listen, i was dealing with a 6 o clock curfew with fucked up conditions, and I needed a job paid my old coach a visit thank God that he was with it cuz this charge it was stickin. Got my CPR certificate and first aid, and been an honorary Parkdalian since my first day. But the irony was vivid, almost like the youth at the centre were the kids that I lived with, the ones I used to chill with at Rawilson Park, ballin even when it falls into dark, chain mesh, one streetlight, all from the heart, and always one snitch neighbour so prung that they calling the law. But what I saws what I’m seein, there must be a reason why the place that I be in only change with the seasons see the alpha male, with followers that be proud as hell, to be associated with a higher power scale. There’s the athletes, the nerds on the outer shell, there’s the young g’s comin in and out of jail. Then there was you. bright kid with a bright smile, big talker actin out getting quite loud. But still a beautiful soul, misplaced amongst a sea of concrete cold envisioning your goals when I came back a couple years later you were grown, expression was stone, what happened when I was gone? Well I know you never fit in, home life was twisted, mom and dad split then you dipped from your best friends. Coppin trees from the O.G.’s, graduated to the fiends startin cutting up the proceeds. Young cats gripping at sight of competition, older cats let em regulate their own block divisions so you never stood a chance, caught between to lines, not enough stripes to live, not enough not to die. All the mans knew you were destined to catch it, so calling it a surprise ‘d be madness, a victim of the streets and its tragic. your families sadness resonates through the block sewn into the hoods fabric and you’re gone… Clear. RIP

written by Theo3


NEW MUSIC: London Summers – Valley (Prod. Tim Suby & Strech)

rez | Music | Friday, July 22nd, 2016


Introduction to a new artist named London Summers.

Written and performed by London Summers
Produced by Tim Suby & Strech
Guitars by Warm Gun

NEW MUSIC: Tasha the Amazon – Prayer (Prod. Bass & Bakery)

rez | Music | Friday, July 22nd, 2016


Some new new from Kensington Market’s finest!

(Toronto, ON) Fresh off the news that her latest release “Picasso Leaning” is the most uniquely popular rap song in Toronto right now, Tasha delivers her second official single “Prayer”.

This song is an anthem.

Look out for the official video for “Picasso Leaning” in the weeks to come.

Production by Tasha the Amazon + Danthrax (BASS & BAKERY)


Produced by Bass and Bakery – Tasha + Danthrax (


MIXTAPE: King Reign – Scion Sessions Mixdown (DJ Grouch)

rez | Music | Thursday, July 21st, 2016


And another one. This time courtesy of DJ Grouch! RIP King Reign.

Scion Sessions presents the King Reign Mixdown by DJ Grouch! This air-tight mix contains some of King Reign’s classic joints along with some fresh music off of his debut album Sincere as well as a few bonus exclusives. If you are not familiar with King Reign you’ll be happy you found this, and if your already a fan you’ll want this in your collection!

1. Happylaidback *
2. This Means War
3. Soarin To Heaven
4. Happy Endings
5. I Rap *
6. Killer *
7. Looking For Love
8. Oh No *
9. The Audacity of Hope
10. Represent
11. Money ft. Saukrates
12. Pretty Girl Lost ft. Leila Dey *
13. One More Time ft. Pharoahe Monch
14. Guilty Party ft. Saukrates
15. Don’t Fall In Love ft. Noel Gourdin *
16. Chemical Romance *
17. Promo *
18. Shining (Exclusive)
19. Sincere (Without You Remix)

* Tracks from Sincere


NEW MUSIC: Tory Lanez – August 19th (Prod. Jahlil Beats)

rez | Music | Thursday, July 21st, 2016


Lanez with some spit.



NEW MUSIC: Jae Ari – Red Light (Prod. Hank Iving)

rez | Music | Thursday, July 21st, 2016


Earlier this year, A3C Festival named Jae Ari a breakthrough artist for their recent #ThisIsMyYear campaign. And with his new “Red Light” single, the reclusive rapper is appearing more to prove, out of sight isn’t really out of mind. “Red Light” is an anthem, a metaphor, a double entendre if you will over an infectious beat detailing moving forward without stopping. Ari raps candidly on progression & prosperity all while having fun and staying in his lane.

While the chorus chants the words, “red light” this is the next stop for the Toronto rhymer as this record serves as his first single off his upcoming sophomore project – Things Could Be Worse an album anticipated to yet again shove & prove within the culturally thriving Toronto scene.

Check out Jae Ari’s first single, “Red Light”, below which is NOW available on Apple Music, iTunes & Spotify. Thank you!

Stream it on Spotify:


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