NEW MUSIC: Luu Breeze “City In Gold” (EP)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


After months of teasing us with newness Louie drops his “City In Gold” EP – with production from SDTRK, Alex Lustig, BurdxKeyz, Chinky P and more!

NEW VIDEO: Kaleb Simmonds – Aaah Yeah feat. Honor Angels (Directed by 2Rude & Colin Riley)

rez | Video | Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Official debut video from that dude Kaleb Simmonds. 2Rude on music production and video direction duties.

Kaleb Simmonds “Aaah Yeah” feat. Honor Angeles produced by 2Rude

Directed by 2Rude & Colin Riley
VFX Colin Riley & Mark Della Rossa 
S/O MuchFact, Much Vibe, Much Music, BET and Danny Grubb

“Aaah Yeah” Kaleb Simmonds feat. Honor Angeles is available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and More!!…


NEW MUSIC: The Weeknd – Live For feat. Drake

rez | Music | Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


It’s the freakin’ Weeknd!!!


NEW ALBUM: Grand Analog “Modern Thunder”

Ty Harper | Album,Music | Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


Grand Analog’s latest album “Modern Thunder” is now officially available for your listening and consuming pleasure. Features include Saukrates, Shad, Saidah Baba Talibah, Talwst, Maylee Todd and Amanda Balsy (Wilderness of Manitoba).

Get it now @

And check them tonight performing/celebrating, live @ The Drake Hotel.

Previoulsy: NEW VIDEO: Grand Analog feat. Shad “The Great Rhyme Dropper” (Directed by J. Lee Williams)

NEW MUSIC: Adria Kain “Identity EP”

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Music | Monday, August 19th, 2013


Adria Kain drops her second EP “Identity” – and picking up on the sickness of the first one, it’s a solid follow up argument for anyone not already paying attention to this new artist, to start…. with the quickness.

Its Beautiful…

Having the ability to identify what certain things within existence of your own life mean to you. I’ve become advertent towards the situations that kept me away for so long. I took the time to write out these stories and sing pictures into the minds & ears of the listening world. These tender moments that lay still within my mind, these songs I let spill out of my soul to make sublime recordings, are my way of releasing all of these vast yet simple thoughts. Some may say they’re just feelings…. I call it my IDENTITY.

Love, Kain.

Management –
Adria –
released 16 August 2013
Atu’s Intro – Prod. Atu of Soulection

Lips – Prod. Evil Needle
Written By. Adria Kain

Forrest Green – Prod. Evil Needle
Written By. Adria Kain

Start A Fire – Prod. GMFMusic
Written By. Adria Kain

The One – Prod. Greg Byer
Written By. Adria Kain

Slow Motion – Prod. GMFMusic
Written By. Adria Kain

Last Resort – Prod. Evil Needle
Written By. Adria Kain

Play It Right – Prod. Evil Needle
Written By. Adria Kain, Spek Won

Photography & Artwork by. Courtney Moore, Adria Kain

Previously: NEW MUSIC: Adria Kain – Start A Fire (Prod. GMF)



NEW VIDEO: Grand Analog feat. Shad “The Great Rhyme Dropper” (Directed by J. Lee Williams)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Monday, August 19th, 2013

Directed by J. Lee Williams.

Visuals for Grand Analog’s “The Great Rhyme Dropper” featuring Shad and off G.A.’s upcoming “Modern Thunder” full-length out tomorrow.

Check them that same day performing/celebrating live @ The Drake Hotel.

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NEW VIDEO: Chloe Charles “Break The Balance”

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Monday, August 19th, 2013

1st introduction to Chloe Charles – a singer, writer and guitarist that’s been making waves for a minute but just happened on our radar more recently thanks to mentions from mans like Wan, ladies like Tika, and a random follow from Charles herself on my twitter account. This is her latest video, and title track to her latest album, but definitely hit her at to get on board with her movement if you haven’t already been on it.


NEW VIDEO: Wayna “I Don’t Wanna Wait” (Directed by Chris Muir)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Monday, August 19th, 2013

Directed by Chris Muir.

Yes, yes, I’m well aware that Wayna isn’t Canadian, but the video’s director, producer (Addis Embiyalow and Kate Fraser), editor (La Pointe), and I’m pretty sure many of its cast and crew ( Nabil Shash, whatup Z!) are from Toronto, and it looks like it’s shot in Regent Park (??)…. aaand it helps that it’s a dope record!

Shot in Toronto by acclaimed director Chris Muir, the video for “I Don’t Wanna Wait” tells the story of an all-girl baseball team, who faces the challenge of a rival squad and creates a lasting, triumphant memory. The team, also called “the Expats” hail from various parts of the world — girls, bravely playing an iconic American sport and lending theirs to the conventional image of being American.

“I Don’t Wanna Wait” is the new single from Grammy-nominated, Ethiopian singer/songwriter, Wayna. A sonic blend of Bob Marley, Motown, and golden-era Hip Hop, the song is about embracing life and not living on the sidelines. Produced by German beat maker, FARHOT (also known for his work with Nneka), “I Don’t Wanna Wait” is featured on Wayna’s highly-anticipated EP, “the Expats,” named after the diverse group of international musicians and producers who worked on the project. “the Expats” will be released this Fall 2013.

Listen to the single “I Dont Wanna Wait” here:


Director: Chris Muir
Director of Photography: Andy Ferreira
Producers: Addis Embiyalow & Kate Fraser
Editor: Bryan “Veteran” LaPointe
Makeup: Lucy Leland
Crew: Abel Zeweldi, Daniel Balay, Dwayne Holness, Nabil Shash, Zahra Siddiqui
Doc Team: Ebti Nabag, Elene Mekete, Idil Jeilani

Styling: Chinedu Ukabam
Makeup: Kim “Five5tarr” Chypchar

The Expats: Angaer, Awo Aden, Cheyenne Scott, Heran Genene, Lulit Amde

Etobicoke Girls Softball: Aliyah Murray, Bryn Griffin, Dorothy Biedrzycka, Sarah Keefe, Megan Diercks, and Maggie Parcels. Special Thanks to Coach Stephen Poirier.

NEW MUSIC: Eternia feat. pHoenix Pagliaaci “Final Offering: A Tribute”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Monday, August 19th, 2013


She dropped the video and then had a sick return performance, now grab the audio for Eternia’s latest featuring pHoenix.

Previously: VIDEO: Eternia – My Mic Sounds Nice (Live @ The Big Ticket) feat. Nali, pHoenix Pagliacci & Tara Chase

NEW MUSIC: ELMNT “Fuck Me Baby” (Prod. Bugseed)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Sunday, August 18th, 2013


Latest cut from Ele off his upcoming “Stara-Nova” album.

Produced by Bug-seed [Japan // @]

Recorded at Fresh Kils’ – tracked by Guzo Lou
Mixed by Muneshine/ELMNT
Mastered by FTGU Group

Previously: NEW VIDEO: ELMNT “Body Movin” (Directed by SoTeeOh)

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