NEW MIXTAPE: Theo 3 & DJ Tony Touch “Elevator Up – Review To Preview Edition”

Ty Harper | Audio,Mixtape,Music | Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Theo 3 drops “Elevator Up”  – a collection of new and unreleased joints highlighting the consistency of his legacy to date – blessed with a 1s and 2s assist from the legendary DJ Tony Touch.

With appearances from Drake, Andreena Mill, Tona & DJ Grouch plus production from Phat Tony, Amir, Pikihed, DJ Serious, Big Sproxx, Fase, Tom Wrecks, Hands of Stone, SCAM, 2oolman, Tone Mason and Boi-1da.

Pretty sick lineup (no barber..)

Full tracklist after the jump!

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NEW VIDEO: KJ “Bossed Up” (Directed by Mark Valino for AHR Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Directed by Mark Valino for AHR Films.

Beatless visuals for KJ’s “Bossed Up” joint as we await the release of his sophomore project – “Water”.

KJ’s Statement:
“Bossed Up” is one of the songs off of my upcoming album called “Water”. We’re not really going to get into why i called the album that right now but more so a little blurb about the song. The song is written from the 17 year old me’s perspective, we used to have a lot of fun as teenagers, some could have gotten us into a lot of trouble with parents and the law. All in all we were just trying to have fun and be young without actually going out with that intention.

Bossed up is about friends, movie marathons, wine, hennesy, driving your moms car and looking cool, going to hurontario and dundas (5 and 10)for food or a haircut, going to a party in the middle of the burbs that got shot up, shure sm57’s, chappelle show, weed, nissan altimas, protools, fake bus passes, riding bicycles, mosh pits to dirty south music, jerk chicken and hardow bread and some other things. More importantly that was my world at 17 and im glad i remember it all.

I’ve bumped into Mark in passing a few times, always told him im a fan, always wanted to work with him but also understood a filmmaker’s time is not cheap because of the amount of work they put in. Got a text from a mutual friend saying Giles needed my number, after i responded “yeaaaaaa thats cool”, i felt like maybe this might be that time. Before i even spoke to Giles i was thinking of what song i would want to do, bossed up came to mind soon after.

Follow KJ on twitter here:!/kjforshort

Valino’s Log:
We shot this in the Junction area just off of Keele St. During our conceptual meeting he described the song as a “throw back” and had mentioned a couple spots including the basketball court which I had always thought would be a great location for a shoot. The stockyard was another location that driving through would make a great location but when I was there i wasn’t so impressed. The area that stuck out to me in thein the junction was Dundas W and Keele. It’s one of those intersections where alot of pigeons congregate and fly in patterns. I have always been drawn to it for some reason. I guess because it’s freeing. That intersection is visually a great intersection with its old worn buildings and wildlife amongst all the colorful characters on that corner. It was a great shoot and I feel that the flow of KJ’s verse allowed me to get away with some jarring jumpcuts. I hope to work with KJ again soon…

This was Shot in 3.5hrs. The b-roll was shot on a separate day for 1hr and 9hrs editing

Check out the Timelapse of KJ “Bossed Up” Shoot:

Follow Mark Valino on Twitter here:!/MarkValino

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EVENT: The Gift Of Music feat. Andreena Mill, Divine Brown, Shi Wisdom, Rich Kidd, A-Game, Slakah, August Rigo and more! (Thursday, Dec. 8th)

rez | Events | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

This is actually the only place to be on Thursday night. In the world.

WHAT: The 2nd Annual “Gift of Music” (benefiting MusiCounts)
WHERE: The Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto
WHEN: December 8, 2011 (doors open at 8pm)
WHO: Presented by Kid Kut | IV Play | Darling Nicky
HOST: Michie “Badgal” Mee
MUSIC: Andreena Mill, Divine Brown, Slakah the Beatchild,
August Rigo, A-GAME, Rich Kidd, Ms Paige, Shi Wisdom,
Omar Lunan, Shaun Boothe, Yosvani and MORE!
DJS: Jester, DJ Rych Kydd and DJ O-nonymous
$20 at the Door

**Note: 100% of the proceeds go to MusiCounts (see below for details)**

Full details under the hood.


INTERVIEW: The Airplane Boys w/

rez | Interviews | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The Airplane Boys are Toronto’s premiere hip-hop duo.

Coming down from the high they experienced with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, GlobalGrind caught up with Beck Motley and Bon Voyage to chit-chat about being hometown heroes.

Adding to the list of talent emerging from Toronto’s music scene, The Airplane Boys are the new faces of an ever-evolving hip-hop genre.

Check out our exclusive interview with The Airplanes Boys below!

GlobalGrind: You guys came back from the UK. How was that, you were with Snoop?

Beck Motley: All the time.

How crazy was that?

Amazing because the time zone difference, the different culture, they drive on the right side, different type of money —as a group it’s a whole new experience. The traveling part and learning different cultures and communicating and just hearing different accents, it’s refreshing for us.

How was it touring with Snoop?  Did you guys roll up with Snoop?

Bon Voyage: We did, the first tour. That was ill.

Beck Motley: It’s nuts. After every show we would go into the crowd and take pictures with them, drink with them, toast with them. It’s really wild out there, especially in Scotland.

Bon Voyage: Guys trying to kiss you, girls trying to hawk you down. It’s some f*cked up sh*t.

Beck Motley: Trying to grab your face, put it in their chest.

Wow. What’s been like the wildest thing that’s happened, then?

Bon Voyage: This 38-year-old lady grabbed my head and just tumbled me down, and I had no f*cking choice. And she’s like ‘OK, let’s take a picture.’

You guys did some shows with J.Cole, how was that?

That was amazing because we’re driving from place to place, and that gave it that rock and roll feel. In every state I’m going to go in. it was just inspiring to see another—who you would say is leading the new young wave. With Snoop it was an iconic legend, and you learn that way. But with J. Cole it’s someone that’s not too far.


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NEW VIDEO: Big Lean “I Know” (Directed by Motion Works Cinema)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Directed by Motion Works Cinema.

Latest music/visuals from Parma’s Big Lean – produced by Track Officialz.

Download the mixtapes @

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NEW MUSIC: Us! (Jesse & J. Probs) – Colours feat. Scrwg Scrilla (Prod. MegaMan)

rez | Music | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

That Scarborough ish fresh for your Wednesday morning.

DOWNLOAD: Us! (Jesse & J. Probs) – Colours feat. Scrwg Scrilla (Prod. MegaMan)

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NEW VIDEO: Ferguson “Work Out” (Directed by G-Dot)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Directed by G-Dot.


NEW MIXTAPE: Mindbender “No More Mr. F*cking Nice Guy” Vol. 3

Ty Harper | Album,Music | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Latest project from Mindbender.

Previously: NEW VIDEO: Mindbender Supreme “Reset Button” (Directed by Mark Valino)

NEW VIDEO: Vico “Light Up” (Freestyle)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Previously: NEW VIDEO: Vico “Destined” (Directed by Frankie N Films)

NEW MUSIC: pHoenix Pagliacci – Books, Bucks, Beats Vol. 1 (iTunes) + World Go Round (rmx) feat. KemiKAL, Tona & O’Sound + The World (It’s Yours) feat. Junia-T + War

rez | Music | Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Youngin’ pHoenix Pagliacci shows some sick potential (on the singing and rapping tip) on a very solid debut project Books, Bucks, Beats Vol. 1. Production by Junia-T, Bass Line, Merciless, KemiKAL and more! Guest spots courtesy of L, Erik Flowchild, PG, Tona, O’Sound and more. Full tracklist under the hood!

I can’t put up the whole album for free download but below are a few joints to give you a taste of what she’s coming with. Full album is available on iTunes. Support that!

iTUNES: pHoenix Pagliacci – Books, Bucks, Beats Vol. 1

DOWNLOAD: pHoenix Pagliacci – World Go Round (Remix) feat. KemiKAL, Tona & O’Sound

DOWNLOAD: pHoenix Pagliacci – The World (It’s Yours) feat. Junia-T

DOWNLOAD: pHoenix Pagliacci – War

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