NEW MUSIC: D-Sisive “Adam” (Tribute to MCA)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Monday, May 14th, 2012


Adam Yauch|1964-2012


Artwork: Brett Lindzen | | @bamboslice
Edit: Muneshine | | @Muneshine

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NEW VIDEO: Eklipz “If I Could Paint You A Picture” (Directed by Store House Media)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Directed by Store House Media.

New music/visuals from Eklipz of Crown A Thornz off his forthcoming “Indelible” album.

This is a song that came into fruition from hearing a track at Dex Brown’s studio while working on a song he asked me to be apart of, the track literally spoke to me and made me ask him to play it. After hearing the beat I asked for the track and thankfully he obliged. Now to know me is to know how much art has been an integral part of my life. It has been a constant from my earliest thoughts. So to be able to record my song and create my video for self is a big accomplishment, The track was recorded and produced by Michael Dex Brown, then sent to the Amazing Ron Allen who mixed and mastered the tune bringing out the sonics and helping to craft a truly unique sound. I ain’t trying to follow no formats of what is hitting at this present moment in music, I’m relying on what I feel is artistic and can stand the test of time. A lot of this video was shot by myself, but also with the help of my 12 year old son who would push the button, and play the track as I got into place, Big up Queen Cee who also helped out, and Milton Lowe who added on to the video in many ways as well! Namine has been my go to model for years and came through once again, and Much Love to Natalie Marie Royal who did the make up for the shoot. I edited the video as well and although it’s a jump forward in my skill set, I am still learning and wish what I envision could be my final output but it is becoming a more refined process. Big Up to all my peoples who made a cameo in the video and to all my friends, family, and fans who support my Art! Love ya’ll! And to my Crown A’ Thornz brothers you have helped me develop my presentation and delivery in leaps and bounds!

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VIDEO: JD Era Interview w/

rez | Video | Saturday, May 12th, 2012

More interview footage from Era‘s No Handouts listening event a couple weeks back. Courtesy of Shouts to Nunavut.

JD Era speaks on 50 city tour, No Handouts mixtape, IceH2O & Shi Wisdom speaks.

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NEW VIDEO: Perfeck Strangers feat. Zeyon “Stay Me” (Directed by Kev Major)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Friday, May 11th, 2012

Directed by Kev Major.


The “Stay Me” music video is the second from the musical tag-team of Perfeck Strangers and their debut album on URBNET Records, “Series Premiere”.

The “documentary” follows days in the lives of Dan-e-o and Promise as they fulfill their musical dreams while never losing sight of their true selves.

Produced by GMF and featuring Zeyon, the “Stay Me” DJ Pack can be downloaded here:

Directed by Kev Major and edited by XCON of Will X.

“Stay Me” is also available on URBNET Records’ “URBNET Certified Vol. 2” compilation. On iTunes now! “Series Premiere”, the debut album by Perfeck Strangers!


For bookings and info:

PHONE: 416-554-7275

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EVENT: The Slakadeliqs (Tonight @ Atwash, 419 College St.)

Ty Harper | Audio,concerts,Events,Music | Friday, May 11th, 2012

If you’ve never had the opportunity to check Slakah out live, here you go.

Atwash is @ 419 College St. Doors @ 9pm.

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NEW VIDEO: JellyTooFly “The Shinin'” (Directed by Fully Loaded Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Friday, May 11th, 2012

Directed by Fully Loaded Films.

Jelly drops visuals for “The Shinin'” off her debut #TIJB mixtape.

Beat by Rich Kidd

#TIJB2 out soon.

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VIDEO: Kayo w/ Plaeboi & Yogi “Rehearsals”

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Friday, May 11th, 2012

Halifax by-way-of St. Lucia come-up artist Kayo gives us a quick behind-the-scenes look at him rehearsing for his summer tour.

Gotta respect this dude’s head-down hustle and positive energy (pleasure to meet you man!).

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NEW VIDEO: OB OBrien – Hamilton (Directed by FIGZ)

rez | Video | Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Aaaaaand…in putting together that last post I realized that we somehow missed posting this video from a couple months back. So, here ya go.


NEW VIDEO: OB OBrien – Nowhere (Directed by FIGZ)

rez | Video | Thursday, May 10th, 2012

So a lot of you are probably like….who’s this OB guy? Soxx video, cameo in a Drizzy video, dope joints like this….WTF???

Well, I can say that the Hamilton native has been on the grind for about 4 or 5 year now (and probably longer). But it hasn’t been the local type grind you’re used to. He’s been building industry relationships south of the border for years now and it looks like all that grind work is about to start paying off in a bigger way. Only time I met dude was in ATL at a Core DJ Retreat. He was f*cking with DigiWaxx at the time (if I remember right). Anyways…point being…I’m happy for dude. His change / growth in sound is definitely not hurting either. It’s like he grew a beard and just started killing sh*t, lol.


NEW MUSIC: P. Reign “Lost Boyz” (Freestyle)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Thursday, May 10th, 2012

New P. Reign over that classic “Renee” riddim.

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