NEW MUSIC: Rich Kidd “Kiddstrumentals 2: What’s Going On (Dedicated to Marvin Gaye)”

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Music | Friday, July 12th, 2013


Richie with a dope ode to Marvin…

“I use to listen to these podcasts from DJ Grouchy Greg where he would play all these classic soul tunes and give a back story to how the tracks came to be. One episode was about Marvin, Berry Gordy and Motown. The story of Marvin’s life was both beautiful and tragic and brought life to the music that I already heard but never analyzed. I learned this man was world famous but dead broke, depressed, addicted to coke and still created this masterpiece. It was conceptual, political, religious, conscious and soulful all at the same time. It became my favorite album. I put it in the ranks of the Ready To Die’s, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt’s and Hell Hath No Fury’s of my collection but overall, it’s the greatest album ever created to me.

I crafted this tape in the summer of 2007, when I was living with my cousin in Jane and Finch. Feeling broke, somewhat depressed and being a pothead, I felt like I was in the same creative nirvana as Marvin at the time. I chopped every song on that album and wanted to do a album project with me or someone else rapping on it. Time passed by and now its 2013. Honestly, I subconsciously didn’t want to hear no rappers on it. I left it alone. Glad I did. Enjoy.”

– Rich Kidd

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NEW ALBUM: Die-Rek “Dienamics”

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Music | Friday, July 12th, 2013


DIENAMICS is the latest edition of what you have been missing.  Mastering his craft, the entire work is self-produced.  DIENAMICS possesses instrumentals reminiscent of the golden age of hip hop, enticing wordplay and features that contribute to an unshakable listening experience. Die-Rek has proven again with this project that he is highly motivated, hard working and full of good intention.
The perfect predecessor to his previous release”Butta Breath” as distributed by Fat Beats Records.  DIENAMICS is edgy yet relational, positive, captivating and constructed with themes of purpose.  Consider this your invitation to the workings of Die-Rek’s “DIENAMICS“.
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NEW VIDEO: BIAS Truth “Monumental” (Directed by Es2daEf)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Directed by Es2daEf.

Off BIAS’ latest project.

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VIDEO: Lazy Jaw “Eternal Patience” (Teaser)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Thursday, July 11th, 2013

A visual taste of Lazy Jaw’s upcoming project – shot by DJ P-Plus.

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VIDEO: Makida Rae Live @ Seven 44

rez | Video | Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Introduction to new singer Makida Rae courtesy of the homies over at Welcome to the game Miss Rae.

NEW MUSIC: Keys N Krates “Dum Dee Dum”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Keys n Krates 123

Latest single from the Keys N Krates crew.

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NEW VIDEO: ELMNT “Body Movin” (Directed by SoTeeOh)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Directed by SoTeeOh.


Bloggers, fans & overall “I don’t know how the fuck I signed up for this” email recipients, I encourage you to watch, post & share; unlike to what I’d like to believe in my head, I can’t do it alone, I need your push. Your participation is instrumental.

Wish I had an ounce of energy to explain to you why this is so significant that it needs to be posted, but I can’t, all I know is, I’m down to keep giving you music from the heart, creativeness from the soul, and a purposeful story, you decide what you want to do with it.

Stara-Nova coming soon. Apology for the wait, you’ll get to press play soon.

Originally off Fresco P – PanDilla’s Box (Free Fresco P)
Production by James “J Dilla” Yancey

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NEW VIDEO: ShaqIsDope – $mooth Criminals feat. Raz Fresco (Prod. Raz Fresco)

rez | Video | Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Dope-ass joint from ShaqIsDope. Raz Fresco on the assist. ?????$CLUB.

Download Link :

Joint off my new mixtape “Black Frames” coming soon.


NEW MUSIC: Ronnie Laws feat. Wio-K “Cruff” (Prod. Lancecape)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


For the 6th installment off Lancecape’s new project “Return To The Classics” he proudly presents to you “Cruff” Ronnie Laws Ft. Wio-K.

Lancecape unleashes yet another crazy flip. This time he re-visited a Ronnie Laws track that was notably used on Black Moon’s smash hit “Who Got The Props”. This break is incredible. Very smooth, very Jazzy, and with some crispy drums? It becomes one of Lancecape’s best flips on the project. Just push play and you will get the point.

Lancecape called upon none other than Wio-K. One of the best MC’s north of the border. The support he has in the Canadian Hip Hop community is unmatched. One of the most obscure rappers who prides himself on being a proud Jamaican/Canadian. Undeniably one of the best that has helped put Toronto on the map.

Wio-K, who is a proud father and role model, decided it’s time to expose these “Cruff” dudes. The song is 100% real and true to the point. “Your seed can’t claim your love, cause you’re a jerk waste youth in real life man you’re a CRUFF”. Those words alone should explain everything.

DJ Pack includes WAV/MP3 (Main/Inst./Acapella)



Mediafire DJ Pack Link:

MEDIAFIRE (Zipfile contains WAV & MP3 files) :

TWITTER: @Lancecape
INSTAGRAM: @Lancecaper

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INTERVIEW: WondaGurl w/

rez | Interviews | Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


More WondaGurl love! We could do this all day.

Ebony Oshunrinde, a 16-year old Canadian-Nigerian girl, known as WondaGurl, has been listed in the credits for Jay-Zs new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Ebony, who resides in Brampton, southern Ontario, was credited for the track ‘Crown’.

“It’s a really good feeling. I want to show young people that they can do it. Anybody can be successful. It doesn’t matter where you’re from” the elated beat maker expressed her delight on being featured by one of the greatest rapper in the world.

The teenage self-taught producer is reported to have started making her own beats after watching a video showing Jay-Z and mega producer Timbaland working in the studio together on the album.

“It inspired me and I wanted to do the exact same thing that he did,” she said.




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