NEW VIDEO: Frankie Payne “Message In A Bottle” (Directed by Big Sproxx)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Directed by Big Sproxx.

New Frankie visuals and title track off the new project.

Produced by Big Sproxx.

Toronto based, veteran emcee and vocalist Frankie Payne of the Freedom Writers collective is set to release his new album titled “Message In A Bottle”.

Once again Frankie delivers a unique blend of Revolutionary Soul and Street Wise Poetry backed by music from Big Tweeze and Freedom Writers in-house producer Big Sproxx. The 13 song album Message In A Bottle touches on a wide range of topics and messages while exploring a fresh musical blend of hard hitting beats, smoothed out soul and laid back grooves.

Stand out tracks include Justice, Different (ft Tanika Charles), Half A Quarter, What U Doing, Mirror Man and the title track Message In A Bottle.

Free People Association and Proletarian Music present the tile track and video for Message In A Bottle.

NEW MUSIC: Theology 3 “Paying Homage” (Prod. SCAM)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Rest in power `Simba, Kunle and Payback.

This is our tribute to great artists, great people, positive thinkers from the #Toronto community. From OG’s to emerging artists, we salute all those who’ve gone 2 soon and dedicate this to their memories, their families, their bredrens, colleagues and friends. Peace from Theo3 & Scam

Art from Adrian Hayles & the family of King Reign.


Familiarity breeds contempt.
About our families we’re angry and need to vent. And don’t realize till they’re gone that the sentiment was wrong. Flirt with love but we’re married to fees and rent.
What’s a phone call? In the middle of the day. When they prolly got a boss that’s belittling they’re faith. Overall that’s nothing but it means something. What’s the point of buildin up if u leave nothing. I’m a proponent of thinkin bout fam and not opponents, cuz every energy spent that’s another lost moment. Ain’t always right with approaches, I focus on who screwed me over stead of who I deem the closest. But I’m tryin to change in ways. And think different, fore my souls next to the big dipper. It’s all about seein the bigger picture. Whether u an atheist, spiritual or speakin written scriptures.


Before you leave this Earth well I’m a tell you what ur worth.

I ain’t gonna wait a day, not an hour not a minute cuz the fam comes first.

I’m a put aside the stress, and the vanity, the hatred, the problems, the hurt.

Last time I saw Reign and such, with Grouch b4 a show when he told me he was driving a truck. In my head I said what the fuck, that’s the same dude who made the big tune lookin for love that got banned by much. But there he was positive. To say the dude had a big heart’s stating the obvious. And he was always on some consciousness, in the song killer talking bout cops and CIA operatives. So all u rappers not talking bout shit. Use ur rhymes as a vehicle to lift, expand and shift. Demand and get, take a stand and live that’s my man always did. RIGHT.

Before you leave this Earth well I’m a tell you what ur worth.

I ain’t gonna wait a day, not an hour not a minute cuz the fam comes first.

I’m a put aside the stress, and the vanity, the hatred, the problems, the hurt.

Last time I saw Masimba, was Deep winter. Despite the cold he had I smile I remembered, gave a hug to my girl did the hold chin Son of SOUL pose before laughing with the world that’s a good dude. I ain’t even know my man Tris new Trevor, that’s from the Vaughan rd era. When Son passed Trevor went to the funeral. That shit bugged me out these connections are beautiful. That’s how Toronto do. Word to Reign, letting u know the whole city came out to honour u. And I was in a off mood for the day, but when it finished I knew the vibes hit ur spirit like…

Before you leave this Earth well I’m a tell you what ur worth.

I ain’t gonna wait a day, not an hour not a minute cuz the fam comes first.

I’m a put aside the stress, and the vanity, the hatred, the problems, the hurt.

Written by Theology3
Produced by Scam


EVENT: The Northern Power Summit (Saturday, August 13th)

rez | Events | Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Northern Power Summit 2016 Flyer

The homie D.O. kicks off his new endeavour this Saturday at Supermarket. Check out the link below for more details…

Northern Power Summit conference kicks off in Toronto on August 13

Jointly presented by Northstarr Entertainment and Letting Artists Make Art, the Northern Power Summit is a one-day conference to be held on August 13th in Toronto, Canada.

The conference aims to provide the education and tools, as well as the access to individuals to help Canadian artists and industry professionals develop their careers internationally.

“I’ve been fortunate to achieve a lot of my dreams and goals as an artist. I’ve been able to play shows all over the World and tap into funding to help me build my career. There isn’t a day that goes by that an artist doesn’t reach out to me asking me about how they can take their career Worldwide. We created this conference to help the next generation of artists,” says D.O. Gibson, co-founder of Northern Power Summit.

The event will feature short TED-style talks, panels, artist showcases, and networking sessions.
TIME: 1pm-6pm
LOCATION: Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L9, Canada)

For more information please visit:

NEW MUSIC: Jayd Ink – Deep Under (Teaser)

rez | Music | Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.16.49 PM

Jayd hasn’t put out a wack song yet. Straight.

Premieres August 14th on Power – Episode 5

Full song available 8/12 – Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify etc…


EVENT: Honey Jam 2016 (Thursday, August 11th)

rez | Events | Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Honey Jam can’t stop won’t stop!


15 Artists Ready to Rock the Honey Jam Stage! 
Thursday August 11th, 2016 

(Toronto) Honey Jam keeps the summer party going into August with their popular annual concert featuring the country’s next generation of up-and-coming female talent. The concert kicks off on Thursday, August 11 at The Mod Club in downtown Toronto.  This year’s host is Tika Simone, a Honey Jam alum, artist and creator of the Known Unknown series.

Artists hail from across Canada, including Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, British Columbia and Nova Scotia and representing a diverse range of genres including pop, hip-hop, rap, R&B, soul, dance, country and folk. Click here to see photos and bios of the lineup:

Leading up to the concert, artists received vocal and performance training and workshops. After the concert, some artists will receive additional opportunities such as receiving song demo sessions at Slaight Studios, $6,500 of sound equipment from Yamaha, participate in an Artist Incubator program at Coalition music and perform at a concert in Barbados.

Tickets are available at the door, online at or at Play De Record for $20 – A portion of the proceeds will support the YWCA programs for women and girls.

Honey Jam is produced by PhemPhat Entertainment Group, a non-profit organization that has operated for 21 years, giving young women interested in careers as artists in the music industry mentoring, networking, educational and performance opportunities. 

This year’s Honey Jam is sponsored by TD, Slaight Music, OMDC, Canadian Musician, Urbanology Magazine,, 93.5fm The Move, Yamaha Canada, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., Canada’s Music Incubator, Harris Institute, Manifesto and Musicians Rights Organization Canada. 

For more information about Honey Jam, please visit


Honey Jam, produced by PhemPhat Entertainment Group, a non-profit organization, is the longest running initiative of it’s kind in Canada.  Along with offering networking, mentoring, developmental and educational opportunities, it continuously delivers one of the summer’s hottest shows featuring electrifying live performances.  Whether pop, rock, hip hop, R&B, jazz, soul, country, classical, dancehall – talented female vocalists representing all musical genres can take part.

For info on Honey Jam and more details about the concert go to:

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @TheHoneyJam

INTERVIEW: Bryan Espiritu w/ The Come Up Show

rez | Interviews | Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Bryan Espiritu Image

Looking forward to taking this one in…

A father, an artist, and a designer Bryan Espiritu is our guest this week. In 2007, Bryan created Legends League which is a streetwear clothing brand established in Toronto.

On this episode, we talked about Legends League and his influences that shaped him to be the person that he is today. From his stories and experiences, Bryan shares the importance of knowing your worth as a human, being vulnerable in spite of criticisms, and valuing people around you.

Each and every Wednesday we’ll be uploading a brand new interview with a guest we feel that you should know about. If you love podcasts subscribe at the options below.

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NEW VIDEO: Babylon Warchild x Citizen Kane “City of Dreams” (Directed by Devin Lund & Joel Levy)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Directed by Devin Lund & Joel Levy.




Video by: Devin Lund & Joel Levy


NEW MUSIC: Staasia Daniels “Hidden Gems” (EP)

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Music | Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Debut EP from Ms. Daniels!

Toronto songstress Staasia Daniels has just released her debut EP project “Hidden Gems”! Premiering earlier today on Complex Music Canada, the project is now available on all streaming services. Much of the 11 song project is produced by Xpress aka DJ XP; with producers: 5PieCE, Artclass, PDUB, Giangelo Power and others assisting with well rounded production that compliments Staasia’s vocals.

Staasia recalls the process of putting the project together and how far she’s come a long as an artist
“My heart is literally racing, and my eyes are filling up with water as I’m writing this. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m just going to say that this wasn’t easy. I’ve been releasing material since 2011, so the goal was always to put together my masterpiece, but so many things went “wrong” along the way, it almost felt like it would never happen. I’ve watched and supported almost everyone I know (of) release a body of work, 2 or 3 even, lol, and as much as there has been a few times where I could have just released one, my heart, and my mind wouldn’t let me. From learning how to successfully record myself, mix and all that jazz, I can truly say that growing through this has been amazing. I started out doing covers on YouTube, editing my own cheesy videos, to then doing original music and growing from there! Yes, I’ve felt defeated, discouraged, friends dropped out of the SD Academy, and I’ve felt I wasn’t good enough etc, but if it all happened for this moment right here, AMEN! I couldn’t be happier with everything from my amazing team, my writing, my arrangements, the mixes, transitions, artwork, and not being afraid to be myself anymore!

NEW VIDEO: Roy Wood$ – Gwan Big Up Urself (Directed by Christo Anesti & Glenn Michael)

rez | Video | Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Waking at Dawn on iTunes:
Director: Christo Anesti + Glenn Michael


NEW VIDEO: Tasha The Amazon “Picasso Leaning” (Directed by Colin G Cooper)

Ty Harper | Music | Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Directed by Colin G Cooper.

New Tasha visuals.


Twitter |

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Official Website |

Produced by: Bass and Bakery (Tasha the Amazon + Danthrax) |

Tasha the Amazon – Picasso Leaning – Official Music Video
Produced, Directed and Edited by: Colin G Cooper |

Cinematography: Ian MacMillan

Released: August 9, 2016

Management/Bookings/Feature Enquiries:

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc. |


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