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Ty Harper | Music,Video | Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Noisey’s profile on Richie had me going from dope to lol to oh shit! in like 5 minutes, wow..

Toronto’s very own Rich Kidd—a rapper/producer whose career has been bubbling since working with Comeback Season era Drake—hasn’t had the healthiest few weeks. That’s because he broke his ankle while we were hanging out with him at the Caribana parade (and, for better for worse, the whole incident is captured in our short doc that’s embedded above).

If you don’t know what Caribana is, then you’re probably not Canadian, and that’s ok! Caribana is said to be North America’s largest street festival, and it’s not hard to get that feeling once you’re actually there. The parade has a ton of pretty girls in Caribbean feather dresses being chased around by thirsty dudes, cops operating police surveillance cameras, decent street food, a tragic history of gun violence, and a ton of crazy floats. Oh, and the Soca music is so loud we had to subtitle most of this footage.

Anyway, outside of the parade, we were hanging out with Rich while he was recording with Jay-Z’s right-hand-man Young Guru (Rich is next to blow, in our humble opinion) and we also visited The Remix Project—an amazingly important community center for kids who want to make an album, a film, or get into business.

So, watch and learn about this cool young man before he gets too famous to hang out at intensely overcrowded parades and hopefully the next time we take an artist out to a parade nothing bad happens.

Follow Rich Kidd on Twitter and let him know you want his ankle to heal soon.

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