NEW MUSIC: Notes To Self “Sky Light [In Between]” (Prod. Book & Bronze for Heart On Sleeve)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Thursday, January 31st, 2013

…and another one!

Sky Light [InBetween]

Being in a group is hard. Cause cats are idiots, present company included. Having your first album followed up by a series of Lemony Snicket-like unfortunate events didn’t make being in a group easier. We had finished and released our debut album, a labour of love that existed in several forms before it was finally released. We had toured across Canada in the winter, you don’t know cold until you’ve been to Saskatoon at 40 below. We hadn’t pumped out 10 tapes and 5 studio albums yet, but we were starting to see where we wanted to take this. What ‘Sky Light [InBetween],’ became was a bridge into a new chapter for Notes. This time we made sure to dog-ear the pages so that we could find our place, and to high-light what was important to us. Soon you started to see Notes in the margins and corners, if someone wanted to open this book, they’d know who came before. But fuck it, if you feel what I’m feeling I feel that. We just wanted to do something different, cause it felt right.

Oh and stay tuned for the video next week.

– Roshin of Notes to Self

***From the forthcoming Notes to Self project “Target Market [RECOIL]”

Illustrative Type & Animation by RUFFMERCY (
Design by COS & PK


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NEW ALBUM: k-Os “BLack on BLonde”

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Music | Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The latest album from k-Os hit the digital shelves this week. “BLack on BLonde” is a double album with a Black (hip-hop) and Blonde (rock) disc. Kheaven’s 5th album includes appearances from Shad, Saukrates, Black Thought & Travie McCoy + production from Rich Kidd.

Get it @

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NEW VIDEO: RBMA presents H∆SHTAG$ – Don’t Call It #AltRnB – Episode 1 (feat. Zodiac & Rochelle Jordan)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

This gets kudos for even trying to approach R&B critically.

In this first episode of H∆SHTAG$, we take a look at the current renaissance of contemporary R&B in the “always-on” age, featuring former half of The Weeknd, Jeremy ‘Zodiac’ Rose, How To Dress Well, Miguel, Rochelle Jordan, KLSH, BadBadNotGood, and more. How has the Internet inspired and galvanized this new breed of artists? Have online communities and media been too quick to label genres and movements? What does the future hold for the many strains of the R&B genre?

H∆SHTAG$ is a new series of mini-documentaries from the Red Bull Music Academy, chronicling some of the most fascinating themes emerging from the web in recent times, from #cloudrap to #seapunk, #postdubstep to #advancedpop.

For more episodes and info, go to

NEW VIDEO: The Insight Project presents “SPEAK: Kim’s Story”

Ty Harper | Community,Video | Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

InsightProjectTV presents a new series on some of our communities’ game-changers.

This episode looks at Kim Crosby, who is imho, the most important voice against discrimination I’ve ever heard come out of our city.

You can catch her on FB, twitter and @

Kim wasn’t one of those kids playing outside. She was inside in her room, voraciously reading and writing. Here, Kim created space in her imagination to, as she says, “be as big as I felt.” A deep hunger for learning drove Kim to university. She quickly realized this wasn’t the type of learning she was looking for. With the imagination and resiliency she fostered as a child, Kim carved her own path, using her voice to create spaces for others.

Watch more at

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NEW MUSIC: Sese x Devon Tracy x Luu Breeze feat. Thoby G “Fun Right Now”

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Sese, hooks up with Devon,  Breezy and Thoby G for another cut off his upcoming “Aquarius Rising” album.

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NEW MUSIC: Robb “Float” (Prod. Cardiak)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

2nd taste of music off Robb’s upcoming “Hurricane Season” project.

Produced by Cardiak.

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NEW VIDEO: The Insight Project presents “BREATHE: Che’s Story”

Ty Harper | Community,Documentary,Music,Video | Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

InsightProjectTV presents a new series on some of our communities’ game-changers. First up to bat is Manifesto’s Che Kothari.

Growing up in Guelph, Ontario, Che struggled to figure out where he fit in. At the age of 15, a family vacation opened up his world. Surrounded by the rich roots of the Caribbean, with a camera in hand, Che eagerly documented everything he saw, determined to share what was happening in the world with everyone back home. That deep sense of urgency and community spirit drove Che into an accomplished career as a photographer and beloved cultural community instigator.

VIDEO: Raz Fresco Interview w/

rez | Video | Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Get to know the youngin’. “shetheSHITyo” in heavy ro.

What’s the first song you heard that made you fall in love with hip hop? 0:41
If you could trade places with someone for a day who would it be?1:19
If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you want to play your lead role? 1:36
What song has the most play counts on your iTunes? 1:49
If you lost your iPod, what song would you be embarrassed someone to find on it? 2:11
What routines do you have when you’re in the studio? 2:39
Who was the first person in the music industry you were nervous to meet? 2:44
When was the last time you got nervous on stage? 4:04
What’s the best advice you got and who was it from? 4:49
The weirdest encounter you’ve ever had with a fan? 5:14
If you had your own reality show what would you call it? 5:56
When’s the last time you regret not speaking up? 7:16
One word to describe your musical career so far? 7:54
If we learn from our mistakes why are we so afraid to make them?8:01
What’s next? 8:32

S/O Community 54 for letting us shoot at their store!




NEW MIXTAPE: Raz Fresco x ChillxWill “The Popcorn Tape”

Ty Harper | Audio,Mixtape,Music | Monday, January 28th, 2013

Raz celebrates his born day with the release of his TPT project in collaboration with ChillxWill.

Toronto’s Raz Fresco and Tacoma’s ChillxWill come together to release something that sounds like it’s straight out of New York City. The Baker’s Club duo presents a boom bap flare with an updated sound. The Popcorn Tape is entirely produced by Fresco and has been in the works since summer 2011.

Raz turned 18 today and it’s hard to believe someone so young can make something that sounds like this. Raz has also produced for Big Sean, BoB, Wale, Tyga, French Montana, Mac Miller, Sir Michael Rocks, and many more. Get the new mixtape below and below that, check out Fresco and ChillxWill’s video for “shetheSHITyo,” just released on Friday.

Listen: Raz Fresco & ChillxWill “The Popcorn Tape” 

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NEW MUSIC: The Airplane Boys “Her Fault” (Prod. Spinz)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Monday, January 28th, 2013

Some newness from APB over a Spinz production.

“Brave New World” drops next month.

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