NEW VIDEO: P. Reign – Ill Life 2 (Freestyle)

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Nice feel-me-type-joint from P. Reign in preparation for Dear America.

RepsUp OVO
(Produced by Pro Logic)


NEW VIDEO: G Milla “Red Silver” (Directed by Big Chase)

Ty Harper | Uncategorized | Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Directed by Big Chase.

G Milla spits some bars and drops some dope visuals on production from LA based producer JUJ. G lets rappers know that he’s ‘coming for it’. – word to Kendrick.
DMT Video dropping next week.
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NEW VIDEO: Tre Mission “Got Me Too” (Directed by Sean Getti & Ayanie Naseem)

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Directed by Sean Getti & Ayanie Naseem.

Visuals for cut 4 off Tre’s “Malmaison” full-length.

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NEW VIDEO: Jai Nitai Lotus “Simbreaker” (Directed by Sixteen Pads Films)

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Directed by Sixteen Pads Films.


“Simbreaker” is the second video release off the album Something You Feel, by Jai Nitai Lotus. This gritty 2 minute “no hook” anthem, produced by Simahlak, is a full body, frenetically-charged track packed with lo-fi guitars and manically psyched keyboard stabs.

Jai Nitai Lotus’ drawn out, teeth-clinching flow sets the tone where “passion and fire” meets this live wire sound. The black and white visuals by Sixteen Pads Films, capture the raw urgency of the music.

Jai Nitai Lotus’ full album “Something You Feel” is available at

Vocals by Jai Nitai Lotus

Song produced by Simahlak

Video by Sixteen Pads Films


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NEW VIDEO: Vico – UP (Directed by Frankie N. Films)

rez | Uncategorized | Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Hip-hop artist Vico has released his latest visual that was shot in New York City, H1 For HDSGN SINDUSTRIES produced the track “UP”.  The Frankie N. Films directed visual served as a one of his singles on Vico’s most anticipated upcoming project, “RELENTLESS”.  Stay tuned for much more to come from Vico over the next few months, as he prepares to release more videos from the project.

Directed By: Frankie N. Films

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VIDEO: Hardbody – Performance Teaser

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Sounds like Breezy on tha hook. Hmmm…

Some performance footage from a compilation video that will be released in a few months #Hardbody (dir by @SoTeeOh).

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NEW MUSIC: Cam Smith – Fire In The Sky feat. Al Boogie

rez | Uncategorized | Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Never heard of dude but checked this in the inbox and thought it was pretty dope. Reason (below) for putting out the track is kinda random but whatever…”Happy anniversary! To….me!!!” Lol.

I am sending you a new track titled ‘Fire In The Sky’ from a very talented Nova Scotian artist, named Cam Smith. He is releasing this song today to celebrate one year of Rapping and Producing, since he released his first project. One year ago he released his first project ‘Downtown Lights’ which was fully prod. by himself and features Kayo and Jay Mayne, among others. His second project he released during this past year was titled ‘Start Line’ which he prod. and features Kayo and Jay Mayne, among others. This track also features Al Boogie, they both kill it!

So again, in Celebration of Cam Smith’s first year doing music, here is a track for you all.

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