NEW MUSIC: Derek Christoff (aka D-Sisive) “Asian Elvis – The Mixtape”

Ty Harper | Audio,Mixtape,Music | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

From Derek:

Well, whaddaya know! New music from D-Sisive. We haven’t heard new music from him since the early eighties. When Bruce Cockburn way the Mayor of Moosejaw. Pre-Tom Cochrane’s burning barbwire tattoo, wrapped around his left thigh. Around the time “Stomping” Tom Connors placed 5th in the Cape Breton 5k National.

The good ol’ days.

It’s been over two decades since we’ve heard his nasally high-pitched tone. The wait is over. He’s back! He meaning I. I’m him, writing this thing because my hired press release writer ran off with my $700 e mail money transfer. I think he was one of the guys in Too Bad To Be True [TBTBT]. Remember them? They had a video where they built a boat.

I wanted a real press release for this one. One where I exaggerate my achievements. Mention my awards/nominations. Use adjectives like ‘ground breaking’, ‘long awaited’ and ‘smash hit’. But that would be lying and those press releases are kinda shit. Plus, nobody really reads them anyways.

So here I am.
Asian Elvis.

Back to my kleptomaniac ways. Stealing everything I can find. I wanted to rap over some of my favourite songs. So I did. Now I play the waiting game. Not for success, but for the next 10 million dollar lawsuit. I know Mac Miller’s lawyer, so I’ll be in good hands. Did I mention I’m a lawyer [name] dropper? Swag!

On this one I write about being depressed, hating the music scene, drugs, being better than everyone and French people over music by Beirut, Elliott Smith, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, Sonic Youth, A$ap Rocky, MGK, Cage, The Beatnuts, House Shoes, Danny Brown and Aloe Blacc.

I also have one original song, One [desolate], produced by Muneshine [who also joins me on a song], which is pretty heavy. I wanted to add a few bonuses as well. My MCA tribute, Adam, and another original, Victory Parade, which I released around my Juno Nomination announcement.

I’m really proud of this one.

So, if you have a blog and like this record, please post it. This is my only attempt at marketing. If you know someone with a blog, let them know. If you know any of the above artists’ lawyers, keep this far away from them. If you see a boat with TBTBT spray painted on the side, please make a citizens arrest.

Hope you like it.



D-Sisive | Asian Elvis [The Mixtape]

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NEW MUSIC: Smash Brovaz “Be Free” (Prod. Junia-T)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

We’ve seen a couple joints from these two as soloists and as producers but this is the first single we’ve seen in a minute from Crooklin and Junia as the Smash Brovaz.

“Be Free” is off their upcoming full length project.

Check the duo throwing down August 3rd at the El Mo for “Smash Mentality 2.0”. Hosted by Rich Kidd & LowKey with music by Meka of 2DBz!

Full details after the jump!

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NEW VIDEO: Thrust & Salty Jackson “Grand” (Directed by Michael P Douglas)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Directed by Michael P Douglas.

Tight visuals for T.O. general Thrust’s single with Salty Jackson.

“Grand” is off “The Chosen Ones” – their full length collaborative effort.

Speaking of Salty (real name Rudy Boquila) – this is a perfect way to plug his other venture outside of cooking up production: his restaurant Lamesa, which is a must-dine if you’re ever in the Queen St W area with an empty stomach!

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NEW MIXTAPE: Class of ’93 “Awesome”

Ty Harper | Audio,Mixtape,Music | Monday, July 30th, 2012

Latest release from emcee KZARAW and producer Mega.


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EVENT: Rich Kidd presents “WOSRKS Vol. 6” – Release Party (Aug. 2nd @ The Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. W)

Ty Harper | Album,Audio,Concerts,Events,Mixtape,Music | Monday, July 30th, 2012

Richie’s been teasing fans with material off this release but the time has finally come for the whole thing to hit the digital shelves.

Volume six in his “We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t” series (coincidentally subtitled “City on my back”) gets a release party with a live performance from the man himself supported by a nice deejay/special guest lineup too!

This year you get Wrispect, Nana, Mensa, and Meka from 2DBz! + Lancelot and Lowkey from YHTK!

We all know the type of energy Rich Kidd brings to a stage so needless to say this is a must attend.

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VIDEO: Frankie Payne “Follow Your Heart” (BTS)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Monday, July 30th, 2012

Behind the scenes of  Frankie Payne’s latest visuals for his single “Follow Your Heart” produced by Tone Mason.

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INTERVIEW: Zaki Ibrahim w/

rez | Interviews | Monday, July 30th, 2012

Zaki chops it up with about her identity, her early musical influences, Every Opposite and more! Get caught up with Zaki below mang! Her album and video for “The Do” are both available online (below).

There’s something about Canadian-born South African singer/songwriter Zaki Ibrahim that resists rigid classification; a refusal to be inhibited by the world. Her recent acclaimed LP, Every Opposite, is “plural in its reach”, fingering an encyclopaedia of influences from hip-hop to indie to soul. The result is an incredibly captivating record and the timbre of Zaki’s voice is spellbinding. We caught up with her to talk about life, influences and her first full length release.

Okayafrica: Your identity, much like your music, is mesmerizingly elastic. You’ve got roots on both sides of the Atlantic (Canada and South Africa). Tell us a bit about your upbringing and how you see your place in the world.

Zaki Ibrahim: I wouldn’t call my identity elastic, but rather diverse. There is no stretching or bouncing but rather finding ways to fit it all into the rest of the world, in bits and pieces. It is all that I am made of and I am a product of all of it. As I’m growing up, as most people do, I feel like I’m becoming increasingly more comfortable in my skin. I feel less and less alien in the places I live and more a global citizen.

I was born and raised free, thanks to my parents who came from worlds that were less than that. I was encouraged to remain free and promote the concept in every sense of the term. I hope to challenge and celebrate this “gift” in my music wherever I can.

OKA: When did your life in music begin and who were some of your early influences?

Zaki: My early influences were my older cousins and brothers and sisters who were into their stuff like house music, hip hop, kwaito, pop, Prince, Sheila E, Anita Baker and so on. My father pushed hip-hop on me like it was a tool that would later save my life. He also played Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendricks, Tom Waits and Carol King at full tilt on the regular. I suppose the music that was enjoyed around me, influenced what I would later be drawn to, so basically most music.

The political, Pan-African mentality that was instilled throughout my up-bringing, provided content for the ever justice seeking and freedom fighting themes in my songs and with my mother being a poetic soul and grammar fanatic, I have always tried to steer clear of being too literal or forceful with my views so I often choose love songs to say it all.


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VIDEO: JellyTooFly (Freestyle @ Lambadina Lounge)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Monday, July 30th, 2012

JellyTooFly goes acapella for about 28 bars during a performance @ Lambadina Lounge.

Her upcoming project – “King” – drops August 14th.

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VIDEO: Melanie Fiona (Interview w/ The New York Post)

Ty Harper | Interviews,Music,Video | Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Ms. Fiona chops it up about Sam Cooke, Jay-Z, judging an American Idol-styled talent show, Rihanna/Chris Brown + explains “Khari-bhana” to some uppity dudes at The New York Post.

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NEW VIDEO: Kardinal Offishall & Nottz Raw – Mr. Parker feat. Shi Wisdom

rez | Video | Friday, July 27th, 2012

Nice way to start the day. Offishall viz for “Mr. Parker” featuring Shi. Shouts to EVERYONE in this video man. And to Kardi for bringing everyone together. A.M.T.R.I.M. available now.

Enjoy. Remember. Reflect. Relate. Re-live. Realize. Re-invent. Kardinal and Nottz (on the beat) link up with Shi Wisdom to bring you “Mr.Parker”. A song about growing up and living with the challenges of an education system that is built for “us” to fail (or atleast having it be very difficult to succeed). With little encouragement, many of us have overcome and beat the system, no thanx to “Mr.Parker”. Enjoy. Remember. Reflect. Relate. Re-live. Realize. Re-invent. (Special appearances by Lu Breeze, Solitair aka Silver, A Game, Burd, NVS, Kreesha Turner, Trixx, and others!)



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