PICS: ripe – Gone Platinum Vol. 1 feat. Tika Simone, Jazz Cartier, Asheley Turner & More

rez | Pics | Monday, June 6th, 2016





This is one of the dopest things out of the city ever. Shouts to Sean Brown and everyone involved! See below and check the link for the full post / all the shots.

ripe is a new content creation platform for contemporary culture. Music, fashion, culture, travel and in between – we showcase hand-picked goodness from a global collective of creators and storytellers. Based in Toronto, ripe is a project of Manifesto.

For as long as hip hop culture has existed, every generation has made their claim as to what made that one unforgettable decade of their youth so impactful. Whether it was the music, the fashion, or the slang, hip hop culture has embedded itself into our individual histories, bringing us back to moments that shaped our lives to come.

The transition into the millennium was rooted in confident artistry and unique personalities, subsequently launching a multi-billion dollar industry. As the era of shiny suits and big budget fish-eyed videos flourished, hip hop culture quickly became a global phenomenon, translating its once-coded sounds and expressions into pop culture.

While we still vividly recall the term “bling” entering our lexicon following the premiere of The Hot Boyz “Bling, Bling” as Rap City’s ‘New Joint of the Day,’ today, all you have to do is look it up in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. While these are massive steps for rap music, the culture’s growth is still, unfortunately, stunted by those unwilling to grow with it — however, hip hop culture lives in the essence of paying homage to the past and preparing for the future. Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill and OutKast hadn’t just gone platinum, they transcended the boundaries of popular music, broke down corporate barriers, and still continue to influence an entire generation today.


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