NEW VIDEO: Haviah Mighty “Ignorant” (Directed by VSOP Films)

Ty Harper | Music | Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Directed by VSOP Films.

“Ignorant” is the second single off of Haviah Mighty’s EP ‘Flower City,’ dropping March 10 2017. Produced by Young Dreadz. Directed by VSOPFIlms. Cameo by fellow artist Taabu!

One’s journey is THEIR journey and despite what others say about your journey, your thoughts, your views, your personality, be so sure of how you process your opinions, with the inclusiveness of research and education, that you shouldn’t ‘really give a flying f***’ what anybody thinks. That’s what “Ignorant” represents, though in it’s fun visual format, it pays homage to popular spots in Brampton In a more broad sense, I think we as humans need to be able to separate other peoples opinions from the way we live our lives! We should never manipulate who we are, what we do or what we believe for the support and/or respect of others – it’s never worth sacrificing oneself.

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