FEATURE: Northern Stars: Exploring the Alternative to Toronto’s Sound (The Come Up Show)

rez | Interviews | Thursday, September 21st, 2017

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Dope special edition of The Come Up Show! Description says it all. Take it in!

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Toronto sound”? I’m willing to bet Drake or The Weeknd instinctively come to mind. What many don’t know is that Toronto’s music scene is complex and varies on a spectrum that goes beyond the dark, moody sound that often characterizes the city. Take for instance singer-songwriter and producer a l l i e, her style in music goes beyond the typical dark-moody sound that Toronto is known for. Her sound involves a lot of groove and funk undertones, something she calls “a mash-up of analog and digital”.

a l l i e isn’t the only star rising in Toronto’s alternative scene, artists like M.I. Blue, Clairmont the Second, and 2nd Son are also changing what is known as “Toronto sound.” In this episode of The Come Up Show we present our very first audio documentary presented by Soundcloud. We talk to artists from Toronto who contribute a unique and alternative sound to the city, share their perspective on being an artist in Toronto, and discuss whether or not the musical renaissance is changing things for the better. Thanks to stars like Drake and The Weeknd, Toronto has climbed the ranks of musical hotspots and is now able to bring our talented artists to light.

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