NEW VIDEO: Urbanology Magazine presents “Speak Out On Violence” (Directed by Fitzroy Facey)

Ty Harper | Community,Events,Music,Video | Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Directed by Fitzroy Facey.

Urbanology Magazine releases promo visuals supporting “The Reason”, a multimedia production “uniting six young voices to tell one narrative as they Speak Out On Violence”. It takes place today, November 27th at 7pm @ The Paintbox Bistro: 555 Dundas St E. Admission’s free.

Full visual credits after the jump!


NEW VIDEO: Chart Attack presents: “Making A Scene – Two Visions of Music In Toronto

Ty Harper | Community,Documentary,Music,Video | Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

The folks over at Chart Attack deliver a great little perspective piece on Toronto aka T-dot aka Taurana aka The Mega aka Tha 6, featuring KJ, DJ Bambii and Devon Little.

Toronto is a city with passionate, creative people pushing their art to exciting new places. But is that always enough? For Making A Scene, Chart Attack’s new short documentary, we spoke with representatives of two musical communities making waves, and got into what it means to truly have the city on your back.

The success of Drake has brought the 6’s hip-hop scene an unprecedented level international recognition. Emerging MC Keita Juma and Devon Little, photographer behind the portrait series Toronto Rap (displaying at tonight’s Long Winter event), talk to us about the newfound sense of pride and vigour the city’s hip-hop community has found. But as DJ Bambii tells us, younger movements and nightlife, like her group of indie electro producers and DJs, are being met with resistance. Making A Scene is the beginnings of a conversation on creating true diversity, embracing culture without cues from other countries, and giving new communities a chance to build.

EVENT: MANIFESTO Festival “Live At The Square” w/ Ryan Leslie, Slakah The Beatchild, Tanika Charles + more!

Ty Harper | Community,Events,Music | Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Manifesto - Ryan Leslie

Manifesto celebrates it’s 8th year as one of the city’s most prominent hip-hop-centered festivals.

Very nice line-up for the Saturday event but there’s sooo much more going down between then and now.

Get caught up at

NEW VIDEO: CHRY 105.5 FM “We Run This: Content Ambassadors” (Part 1)

Ty Harper | Community,Music,Video | Monday, July 28th, 2014


As the first part of a 5 part “WE RUN THIS” series CHRY invites you behind the scenes to preview our approach and ideals for how we craft our broadcast. We are changing impressions, blasting perceptions and inviting more saavy expressions of diversity. In Episode 1 we highlight our Content Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are some of the most actively engaged and connected leaders across the GTA. Join them as they reenergize the dial with a better brand of radio.

NEW VIDEO: UNITY Charity x MTV present: “My Purpose, My Art:” Meet Mike Prosserman

Ty Harper | Community,Events,Music,Video | Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Final piece in a series of short profiles on the Unity Charity that I produced for my 9-5 at MTV Canada.

This one features its founder, Mike Prosserman.

We introduced you to Jane, a B-Girl/Musician, then you met Graffiti Artist Jessey “Phade” Pacho, followed by Spoken Word Artist Lishai. Now it’s time to introduce you to the man that started it all!

We give you, Mike Prosserman, the founder and Executive Director of Unity. Watch the video below to learn more about Mike and his journey to building an organization in support of youth and art and don’t forget to check out the Unity Festival in Toronto July 23-26!



NEW VIDEO: The Remix Project Chicago (Interview w/ ABC7 Eye Witness News)

Ty Harper | Community,Music,News,Video | Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Eye Witness News covers The Remix Project as they take their art-based youth incubator formula to Chi-Town!

NEW VIDEO: UNITY Charity x MTV present: “My Art, My Purpose”: Meet Lishai

Ty Harper | Community,Events,Music,Video | Monday, July 21st, 2014


Another in the series of short pieces on the Unity Charity that I produced for my 9-5 at MTV Canada.

This one features spoken word artist Lishai.

In just one week the streets of Toronto will be taken over by the youth of the city as they take the stage for the annual Unity Festival in celebration of their art and community. Attendees of the festival can expect to see everything from the annual Beatbox competition to the Unity Break Dance event.

The festival will also include an MC & Spoken Word showcase that will feature some of Toronto’s most talented MCs. We’ve been rolling out weekly profiles on some of the amazing talent involved with Unity and next up we’d like you to meet Lishai, a Spoken Word Artist dedicated to sharing her voice within her community. Lishai has been involved with Unity as a Program Coordinator, Arts Facilitator and Event Planner. Check out her profile below and don’t miss the annual Unity Festival in Toronto July 23-26!


NEW VIDEO: Shaun Boothe “Innovation in Education” (TEDxStMaryCSSchool)

Ty Harper | Community,Music,Video | Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Mr. Boothe getting his TEDx on!


NEW VIDEO: UNITY Charity x MTV present: “My Purpose, My Art”: Meet Jessey`Phade’ Pacho

Ty Harper | Artwork,Community,Events,Music,Video | Friday, July 18th, 2014


One of a series of short pieces on the Unity Charity that I produced for my 9-5 at MTV Canada.

To celebrate the annual Unity Festival in support of young artists, MTV has teamed up with the charity to bring you the stories of four individuals that have found a way to express themselves through their art.

First we introduced you to Jane, an 18 year old B-Girl/Musician who found peace in art while dealing with emotional family struggles. Now we’d like you to meet Jessey, officially Jessey ‘Phade’ Pacho, a graffiti artist who recognizes the importance of community building through graffiti art.

Hear Jessey’s story below and check back for more Unity profiles in the week’s to come and don’t miss the 2014 Unity Festival happening in Toronto July 23-26!


NEW VIDEO: Vice presents The Margin – Touring Regent Park with Mustafa The Poet

Ty Harper | Community,Documentary,Interviews,Music,Video | Monday, June 16th, 2014

Vice presents an interesting new series called “The Margin”, hosted by producer Jahmal Padmore (KJ, Brendan Philip). This episode sees Jahmal connect with Mustafa The Poet to talk poetry and Regent Park politics. Really appreciate Mustafa’s ability to offer some great reflective and critical thoughts on his art and his neighborhood. Very promising stuff from Vice with this one.

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