NEW MIXTAPE: Haley Smalls – This Is Me (Prod. Megaman)

rez | Mixtape | Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

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Actually, you know what…this deserves its own post.

After grinding it out for a few years now with covers, viral videos, singles and features, Haley Smalls drops a solid full-length release called “This Is Me”. It’s a few months old now but we always like to say better late than never! Been a fan of this girl since her and Lokz (Yuri Koller) did a SICK cover version of “Butterflies” back in the day (that I think was never released unfortunately).

But yea. Take in the full-length which features Kardinal Offishall and more. There’s definitely some gems on there and is a strong offering overall (didn’t expect anything less). Oh, and it was completely produced by the homie Megaman – who I still rate for producing one of the illest beats out of the city ever. Congrats Haley!

Haley Smalls is a singer/songwriter/engineer and in other words, a young force to be reckoned with. Her classically trained voice, distinctive mainstream sound, and noticeable R&B influence make Haley one of the most intriguing up and coming young artists out of Toronto. Earlier this year, Grammy award- winning and multi–platinum selling artist Beyonce Knowles shared one of Haley’s Youtube videos on her Facebook page, stating that she “loved it”. Since then the video has reached over one million views and is still growing. When the Startaz was formed in January of 2014, a group of different creative minds and talents came together. Born as a result of that, was Haley Smalls’ highly anticipated project called “This Is Me”, a 16-track Mixtape that finally illustrates this Toronto songstress’ unique sound. The project was produced entirely by Megaman, who has also produced for well known artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Birdman, Tyga, Bow Wow, Kid Ink, French Montana, Ace Hood, Yo Gotti, & more.



VIDEO: Haley Smalls EPK

rez | Video | Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Get to know a singer / songwriter that’s been doing it for a minute now! I stay checkin’ for her movements even though I’ve apparently totally missed the release of her mixtape / album “This Is Me” – which you can check out on her SoundCloud page or purchase on your friendly neighbourhood digital retailers.

“This Is Me” Is Now Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon & Spotify

Also Available For Free On & Soundcloud!

Download Free Here:…

Stream the entire mixtape on Youtube here:…

Look out for my NEW mixtape dropping on December 16th!!


VIDEO: Tika Simone & Andreena Interview on CP24

rez | Video | Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Toronto royalty, Tika Simone and Andreena, chop it up with CP24 about their new #BareGyal movement. Peep the Podcast if you haven’t already and of course the latest jam is going down this Thursday night at Tattoo.

“We’re so talented!!!”, lol.

It’s true though!


NEW VIDEO: Keita Juma – Call Me Juma (Directed by Kevin Dempster)

rez | Video | Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

ANOTHER dope new one from KJ! Dude’s blanking out right now with the creative output and I’m definitely not complaining. More on the way too so def get caught up with one of the city’s nicest…

Directed by Kevin Dempster
Shot by Chet Tilokani


NEW VIDEO: Frankie Payne – Waiting to Die (Directed by Cee Ristopher)

rez | Video | Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Fak man. The fire that is Frankie Payne‘s latest joint gets the visual treatment. This guy’s like De La Soul. Gets better with age! Everybody say South Side Jane.



Frankie Payne is back with another banger “Waiting to die”. With hard hitting lyrics and an intricate flow pattern Frankie spits nothing but hot lava all over this track. The beat, produced by Fameless beats a production team home grown in Toronto is a powerful composition of banging heart pumping drums and intense melodies of sound manipulation. Waiting To Die is about Frankie’s legacy and life. His realization through life experiences that we are all just Waiting to Die if we aren’t do anything. Its motivation music!


NEW MUSIC: Drew Howard & Birthday Boy – Music to Soothe the Savage Youth (EP)

rez | Music | Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


Drew Howard connects with producer Birthday Boy for a solid 6-track EP. Shouts to the city!

Lyric and melody by Drew Howard (@88camino)
Composed and produced by Birthday Boy
Mixed by Birthday Boy & Alex Geisler (@alexonweed)
Mastered by Noah Mintz for Lacquer Channel
Artwork by Othello Grey
Artwork Concept by Tona Maradiaga


NEW VIDEO: Antonio Bezel – We Workin’ feat. The Jonez

rez | Video | Monday, October 26th, 2015

Pretty dope intro to a new artist named Antonio Bezel. Take it in.

Studio 206 Productions (­hpaBVxVoA )
MakeTheFilms (

Producer: Megan Crowe
Director: Brandon Craggs
DOP: Chris Morsby

Equipment Rentals: MakeTheFilms (

Shout out to Brandon Craggs for bringing this video to absolute life with a vision and execution thats unparallel. Shout out to my brother from another Dominic Dot who always takes the sound to a whole other dimension. Megan for putting everything together with amazing timing and professionalism. Shout out to the brigade my cuzzo Danny greatness my brother Noel and my homie The Jonez for his appearance and amazing talents on the hook. Shout out to shaker for his excellent camera handling. Shout out to Deegs for an amazing cameo. Thank you to everyone involved in this project.

NEW MUSIC: Blake Carrington – W.Y.T.D. (What You Trynna Do) feat. Devontée

rez | Music | Monday, October 26th, 2015


Super dope one from the homie Blake C.! Devontée with the assist. Video please.

Oui Self Made presents…

Blake Carrington ft. Devontée – W.Y.T.D (What You Trynna’ Do) (produced by Devontée)

From the forthcoming #FAILURE (Finding A way In Loving Urself Reflects Excellence) project.

Featuring & produced by Devontée (District Vibe out

Artwork by SoTeeOh (

Complete FAILURE experience package (audio album, the visual album book + exclusive ‪Oui‬ & Failure merchandise, which is available for pre-order…ure-package/




SOUNDCLOUD | @blakecarringtonsworld


FEATURE: Manifesto – Redway Tribute

rez | Editorial | Sunday, October 25th, 2015


Manifesto pays tribute to Redway proper. Take in the article and some of the videos here or peep the YouTube page for a few more, including interviews and performances from some of the city’s nicest. Still can’t believe this dude is gone. Rest in Peace brotha!

Right before Years Ahead was released, a friend of mine asked if I was downtown, and what I was doing. At the time I was pre-occupied but still said, “Not much, what’s up?” He responded back saying Redway was having his album release party – an project produced by WondaGurl who had just appeared on Magna Carta Holy Grail – at Get Fresh Company. “Not another one,” I thought. Regardless, he was convincing and sounded passionate about this artist, so I made my way over. Unfortunately, I caught the tail-end of the event with people spilling out of 498 Queen Street W. in droves. The street became loud, as if family from years just reunited. I remember this night vividly because that was also the first night I met Redway – someone I would come to know as a passionate artist, and someone most people knew as a “us against the world” type of guy.

The project knocked, and Redway immediately got thrown into my list of Toronto-artists-not-named-Drake I’d share with my American peers who inquired often about our music. Quite frankly, Redway will always be in that list of mine. I also got aquainted with Redway’s previous music, but I was steadily hooked on Years Ahead – a title that now seems to hold more meaning than ever before. I’d miss the opportunity to work with Redway from a PR standpoint, something I’d later regret in 2014, but rambled about his music when I could. Even when I was hit up by CJ Fly’s management about openers for an upcoming show, I found myself telling her the story about this guy I’d just found out about who packed a popular clothing store to the brim.

That summer, I ended up running into Redway several times – at the most random times and places, and eerily almost too many times for someone I had just met, but that bright smile and coy demeanor was always welcomed. I also respected Redway’s hustle – the respect he showed others, the effort he put into his career, and how he thought of the city’s changing landscape. As I was putting together a last-minute Toronto showcase for the A3C Festival in Atlanta in August, I reached out to him to see if he wanted to be a part of it. To my surprise, he put trust in myself and this showcase, and said yes.



SHORT FILM: Unbuttoned – Suite in D Major (Directed by Victoria Long)

rez | Video | Friday, October 23rd, 2015

New audio / visual release from Unbuttoned in preparation for their upcoming EP release, Minute Lasting. This one’s almost 18 minutes long! Definitely more of a short film rather than a music video. I also don’t know if this is one crazy-long song or a few songs strung together. It’s also ok not to know and to just take it in because Unbuttoned is dope.

Video Produced by Hera Hera CR

Person 1 – Matt Shaw
Person 2 – Nathan Palacios

Director, DP, Editor – Victoria Long
Co-Producers – Casey Manierka, Kamilah Apong, Alexei Orechin, Miles Gibbons
Fractal Footage by Kamilah Apong, original parameters by GypsyH
Art PA – Aidan Jeans
Makeup – Mark Jordy Gonzales
Location Provided by Ted and Carol
& Saved Ground

Special Thanks – Erica White


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