NEW VIDEO: Progress “Rock Sh*t” (Directed by Big Sproxx) + DJ Pack

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Directed by Big Spoxx.

Another sick release from Freedom Writers member Progress over and thru a Big Spoxx beat and visual production.

Following the release of the gritty political street anthem “Spark Your Brain”, Progress brings you the next installment of the Red Pill Music saga entitled, “Rock Sh*t”

Produced by Big Sproxx, Rock Sh*t is another hard-hitting yet conscious offering intended to move crowds while sparking critical thought. Find it and other creations on Progress’s upcoming EP, dropping summer 2012.

Video concept/treatment created by Progress and directed/edited by Big Sproxx.

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Previously: NEW VIDEO: Progress “Spark Your Brain” (Directed by Big Sproxx)

NEW ALBUM: Big Sproxx – Big Sproxx

rez | Album | Wednesday, December 16th, 2015


Nice way to celebrate a birthday! Man turns 40 and opts to give us a gift instead!

Take in the latest from producer extraordinaire, Big Sproxx. The album features some new joints, some previously unreleased ones and some re-worked chunes from the catalog. Took in the first 30 seconds of the Progress joint and can already tell that the album is going to be on a certain level. Looking forward to taking this one in.

Happy birthday man! And thank you!


NEW MUSIC: Progress “Night Rhetoric” (EP) (Preview)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Sunday, August 31st, 2014

You don’t need to comb through much of this city’s 30+ hip-hop legacy to conclude the Mega’s got a lot of exceptional talent. Case in point: Progress, and his crucial contributions to the Freedom Writer’s collective, along with his own sparse but impressive releases. Dude’s an artist to check for, not just on a local rap-music-culture level, but on a community/engaging-with-the-problematics-he-spits-about level.

Anyways take in this preview of his upcoming EP, out real soon.

Previously: NEW VIDEO: Progress “Rock Sh*t” (Directed by Big Sproxx) + DJ Pack

NEW MUSIC: Freedom Writers “Real” (Prod. Big Sproxx)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Saturday, September 7th, 2013


More new on-point-ness from F-dub.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”- Ralph Ellison

“Real” is just that. An on the spot, stake your claim, speak your piece type of track that was the first recorded collaboration of the FREEDOM WRITERS. Amazing lyricist Progress would enter the fray immediately after, but this meeting of the minds between Tona, Theo3, Frankie Payne, Adam Bomb and Sproxx drew from the influences in the studio that day, the throwback feel of the beat and the developing chemistry that would lead to many great songs, concepts and even a full album entitled NOW. Stay tuned, there’s much more on the way.

““There’s a unique vibe when you descend down the dark basement steps at Sproxx’s studio, wind through the corridor and end up in the proverbial shrine to all things late 80’s to mid 90’s Hip Hop. Pristine positioned 12” vinyl records adorn the walls from the likes of Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Gang Starr and Public Enemy. Quotable lyrics from the Source magazine have been meticulously clipped and pinned at eye level. If you didn’t come to write rhymes or immerse yourself in the Boom Bap laced production jumping out of the monitor speakers, you’d be missing a chance to create that classic rap music.” – Theo3

Catch the FREEDOM WRITERS Live at the MANIFESTO Festival in downtown Toronto on September 22^nd 2013 at Dundas Square.

Don’t miss the FREEDOM WRITERS album release party for “NOW” onOctober the 10^th 2013 at the MOD club with special guests RICH KIDD and DJ’s Grouch, Mel Boogie, D Scratch, Phat Tony and DJs Riccachet & Thera-P of Sweet Touch Foundation. Opening act 5Fingers 1Fist.

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NEW VIDEO: Freedom Writers “The Making Of… Better Ones” (Directed by Big Sproxx)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music,Video | Monday, August 26th, 2013

Directed by Big Spoxx.

FW begin to roll-out their “NOW” promo campaign with some short virals discussing the making of cuts off the album.

“Hip Hop needs this” –

“The Freedom Writers have potential to break more ground than an earthquake” – Toronto Star
“Unprecedented” – Shad K
The time is NOW. Critically acclaimed Toronto Hip Hop collective the Freedom Writers are set to launch their highly anticipated debut album to the World this fall. Armed with a deadly combination of issue driven, thought provoking lyrics, bangin beats and powerful punchlines, the first full length release “NOW” represents over 2 years of dedicated work and collaboration. Every FRIDAY new audio, video, interviews or performance footage will be shared with fans and supporters via FREEDOM FRIDAYS on social media and through the FW page Get insights from the crew on how songs were crafted and what the vibe was like creating the record.

Share, Listen and Enjoy. The FW movement has arrived!.

“The school system doesn’t need more books they need better ones” – Tona

The first track recorded on the Freedom Writers album was the hard hitting track “Better Ones” complete with guest hook and verse from legendary T.O. emcee Mathematik, a bass heavy banger from producer Big Sproxx and rapid fire knowledge from Tona, Frankie Payne, Progress and Adam Bomb. Here’s how it all went down!

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NEW VIDEO: Freedom Writers – The Grille (Directed by Big Sproxx)

rez | Video | Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

In my expert opinion all these verses need to be longer. Thanks. Shouts to the crew.

Served up to you char-broiled, strait off an open flame, the “F-DUB” collective brings you its latest instalment of pure, unadulterated artistry: The Grille. Local 24 hour diner The Grille has played second home to The Freedom Writers for the past 2 years whether the occasion be an all-night studio session, video shoot, a heated hip hop debate or just straight politicking. Filmed in one take Theo3, Tona, Adam Bomb, Frankie Payne and Progress terrorize the raw and gritty backdrop provided by in house producer/engineer/director Big Sproxx with the perfect blend of lyricism and punchlines that is sure to have listeners bopping their heads and twisting their grilles. Special shout out to our favourite waitress, Jackie aka Ja-kay… Woosh!

Download link =



NEW VIDEO: THEO3 – Away (Directed by Big Sproxx)

rez | Video | Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Some straight spiteration courtesy of Theo3. Shouts to the whole Freedom Writers fam mang. Big Sproxx behind the lens.

Hip Hop Emcees are notorious for crafting mind blowing punch lines that whip the crowd into a frenzy similar to a fast break slam dunk on the hardcourt or a bone jarring hit in between the white lines. A punch line provides momentum, motivates the masses and reigns as a quotable to be compared and analyzed for years to come. The requisite “Ohhhh’s” and squinched up facial expressions after the bomb drops are hallmarks of the highly intelligent and discerning Hip Hop audience. Emcees who can deliver wave after wave of devastating wordplay take pride in the ability to ‘next level’ a song, acapella or live performance.

Critically acclaimed Toronto Hip Hop artist THEO3 has long been known for his potent punch lines and exciting, energetic delivery. Rocking live crowds across Canada and blazing live radio sessions such as the 2010 Halftime 12th anniversary show with powerhouse NYC DJ Eclipse and a host of reputable rhymers (Rhymefest, Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman and Tona to name a few), THEO3 lives for the perfect balance of whyle out reactions and awe inducing flows. In this Brand New video “AWAY” produced and directed by Big Sproxx of the Freedom Writers ( THEO3 weaves in and out of this hypnotic head banging beat with deft precision and pin point accuracy. Available on the recently released ELEVATOR UP mix cd hosted and mixed by the incomparable DJ Tony Touch (Shade 45, 50 Emcees), “AWAY” is 3 minutes of straight punch line madness! Grab the full CD at and enjoy the ride…

“The FREEDOM WRITERS” are a Toronto based collective featuring some of Canada’s most dangerous Emcees. Tona, Adam Bomb, Progress, Frankie Payne and Theo3 fill out the all star roster alongside multi talented producer and video director Big Sproxx. Stay tuned for a barrage of original songs and videos in preparation for the highly anticipated FREEDOM WRITERS debut album later this year. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Also Check THEO3’s SPIKED EGG NOG video produced by PHAT TONY and directed by Scattered Children.

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NEW MUSIC: Freedom Writers “Tree Branch” (Prod. Big Sproxx)

Ty Harper | Audio,Music | Monday, January 16th, 2012

A little something new from The Freedom Writer’s (Tona, Frankie Payne, Theology 3, Progress, Adam Bomb, and producer Big Sproxx).

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VIDEO: Freedom Writers Live @ Manifesto 2013

rez | Video | Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

More footage from Manifesto 2013! Copp Now now.

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Manifesto: Live At The Square…




Interview: Freedom Writers w/

rez | Interviews | Saturday, November 2nd, 2013


Exclaim with some healthy choperation with the Freedom Writers fam. Copp “Now” now damnit.

By Luke Fox
Something decidedly un-screwface has happened in Toronto.

Six individual solo artists have put egos aside and let ideas take centre stage for the better of the whole, establishing a super collective of sword-sharp wordsmiths. The Freedom Writers’ beats are thick, their concepts are varied and their standards are high.

Now is more than solid, intricate rap record; it’s a statement about community and talent and ideas. “When we formed this, we could’ve picked anybody from the whole city. I don’t think anybody would’ve said no,” says producer Big Sproxx, who provides a varied palette for five MCs (plus guests) to spill their thoughts and stories and punch lines.

Theo 3, Tona, Adam Bomb, Frankie Payne and Progress — all regarded solo rappers, each with their own strengths — sit in an empty room on the ground floor of a west side apartment building and discuss their collaboration, taking a break from rehearsing their new songs. They talk about process and late-night eating and, most importantly, truth. Which is what they’re searching for with open ears.

As Frankie says, “The truth can come from an activist or an asshole.”

With so many different voices and opinions, how did you make the LP sound so cohesive?
Progress: Because everyone gives their raw opinion, what makes it cohesive is the honesty. Politically speaking, people don’t think wildly different on this team. There are differences in opinion, but we’re close enough that if everyone’s just honest, it’ll sound cohesive. We didn’t have to put energy into making the album conceptually cohesive; it just happened.

Do you write solo or together?
Theo 3: At least four of five songs were written right on the spot.

Tona: We’re all in different sections of the city. It’s rare that when we had sessions, certain individuals didn’t show up. When we were all together, we made sure we used that time to create music.

Adam Bomb: If somebody has [a concept] going, it’s easy for the rest of the team to bounce off what’s already there. We don’t take a record and say, “OK, everybody go home and write about this.” Whoever’s on the spot, if you have something, cool. If you don’t have something, we’ll just stick with what we got.

Tona: And if somebody couldn’t make it that day? You weren’t on the record.

Big Sproxx: I’d say half the songs, it was just me and Tona. The first song we did, no one else was there. He had a hook already done for his solo thing, but then he thought it would better suit what we were doing. So he was the first to lay [down his vocals], then other guys would come in sporadically on different days and fill theirs in. So some songs did get built in a staggered way, but it still has the cohesiveness you’re talking about.

Frankie Payne: We all have a silent agreement to keep things as natural as possible. It all comes down to timing and circumstances. Even with “Soldier,” I had an idea for a hook, and then man after man came and jumped on it and started adding their ideas. There is no forced creativity; it’s all organic.

Adam Bomb: That’s the best thing about the team. There’s no script, there’s no demand; it’s just six ideas in a room, and we come up with whatever we come up with.

Theo: No one takes offence to their idea being shot down. Before you came, we were rehearsing for the show. If someone said, “Lets try this…,” [another might say] “No. Shut the fuck up. That’s horrible.” And that’s OK. He’ll fall back.

Frankie Payne: There is no filter.

Adam Bomb: There are a lot of records on there where it’s like, “Who’s going to do this song the most justice? Let’s let them do their thing.” To be able to add to a record is cool, but it’s also good to back off a record.



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