NEW MUSIC: Liza – Passes Me

rez | Music | Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

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A beautiful one from Liza.

Produced By: Jandre Amos
Additional Production by: Sidone Harrison, Jeremy John & Kalvin

NEW MUSIC: ShaqIsDope – Promise + Cold as Ice

rez | Music | Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

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Shaq drops two new ones. Nice.

ShaqIsDope has released two surprise singles, “Promise,” and “Cold As Ice.” The songs are his first sign of new music since 2017’s self-titled EP. On “Promise,” SID tirelessly raps for about 4-mins about everything from finding himself, his past relationship, growing up in Toronto, and not being complacent over a dark, eerie beat, courtesy of Money Montage. “Cold As Ice” captures a similar vibe with its heavy drums, lo-fi tremolo chords paired with woozy synth melodies and SID even mixes his bars with a bit of crooning . It was produced by Jay 808, a frequent ShaqIsDope collaborator. Stream the singles below.

Apple Music:…723685?app=music
Stream “Promise” on Spotify

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NEW MUSIC: Kyle Wildfern – Runnin’

rez | Music | Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

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New wild fern.

prod. @alastairalston

NEW MUSIC: Jay Glavany – Would You

rez | Music | Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

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Jay Glavany with some mood.

so tell me, Would You ride?

NEW MUSIC: Keiko Argentina – Sweet Fire feat. DESIIRE

rez | Music | Monday, June 25th, 2018

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Keiko Argentina and DESIIRE link up for a nice one.

Listen to my new tune Sweet Fire

Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music

Spotify Vibes

Itunes Vibes…?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music Vibes


rez | Album | Sunday, June 24th, 2018

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Featuring some new and some old, JAHKOY drops his anticipated full-play, KOYA. “Professional” in heavy-ro!

NEW MUSIC: Tory Lanez – Talk To Me feat. Rich the Kid

rez | Music | Sunday, June 24th, 2018

ScreenHunter 485

Lanez and Rich connect.

NEW MUSIC: McCallaman – Come A Little Closer

rez | Music | Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

ScreenHunter 484

McCallaman returns with “Come A Little Closer”.

NEW MUSIC: Burd x Keyz – Burdy’s Interlude RIP XXX feat. Shiloh Dynasty

rez | Music | Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

ScreenHunter 483

Burdy Lo pays homage.

An instrumental to vibe out to…


Additional instrumentation by Joel Chambers

NEW MUSIC: Jazz Cartier – Which One

rez | Music | Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

ScreenHunter 482

Produced by DZL with additional production by X-plosive and Abaz
FLEUREVER coming soon

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