NEW MUSIC: ELMNT – All Figured Out feat. Lyve (Prod. Lyve)

rez | Music | Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Lyve‘s beats are so proper! Like…old school boom bap but still new sounding. Not a lot of producers can walk that fine line like he can. Here’s the blurb from ELMNT himself:

ELMNT – All Figured Out (Prod. Lyve)

All Figured Out is the latest free offering from Toronto emcee ELMNT. With production by Lyve (Tona, HighDEF) this release of All Figured Out serves as the leading single off the “Stara-Nova mixtape”, a collection of ELMNT’s favorite cuts to date.

Stara-Nova mixtape is the first of three forthcoming projects set to be released in the following months. Following this tape will be the release of “Dorian Grey”, a collaboration EP with Juno nominated Emcee/Producer Muneshine.


Direct Link to mp3: Get it Now

“Peace. Wrote this last summer at the HighDEF headquarters. Ironically we were trying to piece together a joint & kept being interrupted by Century Room’s shitty DJ doing his warm-up sets to some industrial night Canadian artists purged over for, probably in hopes to fool themselves into quasi-stardom.

Anyways, L’s were smoked, not a fuck was given, life was lived. All Figured Out.”

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