NEW VIDEO: Brendan Philip “Reminder Smiles” (Directed by Mark Valino for AHR Films)

Ty Harper | Music,Video | Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Directed and edited by Mark Valino.

Brendan gets a nice feature as Part 3 of 5 in Valino and producer Giles Monette’s “Sounds of My City” series.

Writer/Performer: Brendan Philip
Director/Camera/Editor: Mark Valino
Producer: Giles Monette
Art.Honor.Repect FILMS

Giles Monette’s log
For the past two years I’ve been approaching my friend Brendan Phillip in social environments and asking him if he wanted to a video collaboration with me and my peoples. FINALLY one summer night I saw Brendan and he told me that he was moving, and that was the universal kick in the bum I needed to finally make this video piece come together. Myself, Mark Valino, and Brendan Phillip met up at a certain Toronto street corner and made some magic happen before he jettisoned this fine city we call Toronto.

Valino’s Log
I’ve been wanting to do an live piece with Brendan Philip for a couple years now ever since I heard “You Don’t Got To Be Sexy All The Time”. The first time I heard his sound I was so intrigued, it was definately something I’ve never heard before ,at least from out of Toronto. So for the past couple years I’ve had a sharp eye on him and his 88 days of fortune companions. Finally with the help of Giles Monette this shoot was able to happen 2 days before BP moved. I’m glad it all came together because BP is one of those artists that I would have been kicking myself if I didn’t get the chance to work with him when I had the chance. This piece is a acoustic version of a song off BP’s new project “Purplehearts” co-conceived with the talented Lord Quest.

Purple Hearts can be downloaded free here:

Check Brendan Philip Info here:

Follow Brendan here:!/brndnphlp

Follow Mark here:!/MarkValino

Follow Giles here:!/Giles23

This video was shot with DEEZLIGHTS!/deezlights

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