NEW MIXTAPE: Kaydee – 90’s Baby

rez | Mixtape | Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Posted a few goodies from newcomer Kaydee a couple months back and now here’s the full tape. Here’s the breakdown:

I’m from Toronto, Canada and I have been working on this project since the beginning of the summer and I am proud to say it is finally done. I listen to hip hop right now and I think it’s in a sad state. Everyone uses the same flow, same beats, everything is real repetitive. I’m not saying I’m the saviour of rap, but what I am telling you is that I am bringing a different element to what is currently out. If you’re a fan of old school 90s hip hop, this is the perfect tape for you. Even if you aren’t into the vintage, old school sounds, you should give it a listen cause it will be refreshing to hear something that’s different. One of the aspects in hip hop that I feel is lacking is the story telling. I don’t see too many rappers doing that now and that’s something that I found intriguing when I was growing up. I don’t like to call 90s baby a mix tape, because I feel like it is an experience; when you listen to the intro(September 30th), you will know exactly what I’m talking about. I hope you find this tape dope enough to post on your site and keep on giving shine to up and coming talent. If you don’t post it or like the tape, it is alright. I’m going to use it as motivation and get better.

I know you may not want to listen to the whole tape so I’ve categorized it so you can listen to whatever your interest is:

Storytelling: Money = Happiness, Boyz N Da Hood, Freak, Been There

Personal: September 30th & Fin

Relationship: Kelly Kapowski & Eden or Apocalypse

Rapping my ass off: XXplosive, Drugs, 1996 Space Jam Flow, Trois, Warning ’12

Again, I hope you enjoy the tape and end up posting it because I put in a lot of hard work on this tape. On this tape, I’m showing the world I can really rap. On the next one, I’m going to show the world I can put songs together. I hope y’all enjoy it. You can follow me on twitter @KaydeeTR. Thank you and God bless.

90s Baby:

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