NEWS: Bishop talks “Chupacabra vs. The Alamo” movie airing this Saturday (Interview w/ Horror Society)

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Bishop’s been in the acting game for well over a minute – most prominently/memorably in the movie Narc – so as per any actor promo-ing their upcoming project, TGM chops it up with Horror Society about his latest project “Chupacabra vs The Alamo” which premieres this Saturday at 9/8c on the SyFy Channel.

Aside from Narc, the television series Platinum was your first big opportunity in front of the camera. What was it like juggling rapping and acting at the same time?
I don’t really think of it as juggling really. Both of these careers are things I’m really passionate about, so I spend a lot of my time doing both. I can literally work a 12 hour day on set for a film or tv show, then go straight to my studio for another 12 if I have something specific project I’m working on. I think for me, the two go hand in hand so I will always have both of them as a part of my day to day routines.

Now for Chupacabra vs. The Alamo… How did you go about landing this role and what made you pursue this opportunity in the first place?
I was in Vancouver shooting another move called “Evil Feed” and my agent had gotten me an audition for Chupacabras vs. The Alamo. I love the city of Vancouver and wanted to stay longer, so here was my opportunity Once I learned that I would be in the same movie with the legendary Erik Estrada, I was locked in. lol. I used to have a “Chips” big wheel with this guys face on it. I used to hear stories about these chupacabras and so the whole idea of psycho, alien, blood sucking dogs attacking a city seemed like it would be a fun movie to do. It didn’t take much convincing. lol

Can you tell readers a little bit about your character in the film?
I play Gordo and I’m one of Spiders right hand men in his gang that he leads. Brent Mclaren and myself are his go to guys as far as advice and anything else gang related. I’m a bit of a trouble maker but when it’s time to fight, I’m ready to go. There’s a bit of comic relief between my character and Brents as well.

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