NEWS: Manifesto Festival – Call for Visual Arts Submissions

Ty Harper | Artwork,Community,Events | Friday, May 24th, 2013


Call For Visual Arts Submissions

With changing times on the horizon so much has happened within all of us on either a individual level or as a collective whole. Whether we’ve faced personal transformations through our daily lives, or we’ve used our art as a form of expression or messaging, we’ve witness some sort of shift. Some of us may have identified with others to create collaborative change or put our efforts in areas we saw fit so we could redefine our truths and beliefs. Whatever that shift has been, we are now becoming more aware of this energy.

This year for the 7th Annual Manifesto Art Show we will explore the notions of connectedness and evolution as we present thought-provoking works from local artists as well as game-changers from across the globe.

“Everything in our world is sacred and interconnected – and we’re in the midst of an epochal shift to recognizing that truth in every realm of human endeavor.” – Stephen Dinan.

Apply here
Visual Arts Submissions Extended DEADLINE: May 29th, 2013

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