NEW VIDEO: Témi – Brick by Brick (Directed by Dominique “DC” Dixon & PJ Woods)

rez | Video | Monday, May 18th, 2015

Oh mannnnn…

Can’t believe this but I’m just realizing that the homie Intro from Untitled has been on his solo push for almost a year now. Don’t know if this means the group has officially broken up but hopefully not as we were definitely rooting for those brothas from TIME.

In any case, Intro now goes by Témi (his government name I believe) and he’s got music + visuals for one full EP plus a 2nd EP which is coming out real soon so I’ma start playing catch up right now by posting his first solo joint from last year and getting everything up over the next week or so…

Shouts to Untitled man. They played a major role in marking a new era of Toronto R&B. “All I Need” still bumps.

Check out the OFFICIAL video for Temi – “Brick By Brick”

Produced by: MLB
Written by: BJ Bowers

Presented by:
Directed by: Dominique “DC” Dixon & PJ Woods – YHA Media Production
Starring: Sean “Ferrari” Simmons, Thida Penn and Christopher Whitmore
Follow: @temi_music
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