NEW MUSIC: ELMNT & Boko Maru – Shadowboxing Through Universes #2 (Free .99 AM)

rez | Music | Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Bumped into this dude a couple weeks back at SoTeeOh’s photo exhibit opening night (dope night btw). Sounds like there’s a few exciting ELMNT projects coming out this year including this collabo with Boko Maru i.e. Part 2 of their Shadowboxing Through Universes series. Good music.

Deep in the rainforests of the Amazon, the Achuar and the Huaorani Indians are assembled for their daily ritual. Every morning, each member of the tribe awakens before dawn, and once gathered together in that twilights hour, as the world explodes into light, they share their dreams.

This is not simply an interesting pastime, an opportunity for storytelling: to the Achuar and the Huaorani, the dream is owned not by the dreamer alone, but collectively by the group, and the individual dreamer is simply the vessel the dream decided to borrow to have a conversation with the whole tribe.

The tribes view the dream as a map for their waking hours. It is a forecaster of what is to come for all of them, In dreams they connect with their ancestors and the rest of the universe. The dream is what is real. It is their waking life that is the falsehood.

Much like storytelling, Free .99 is a cosmic channel curated for the dream-chasers.

Start your 30 day dose of reality for the price of FREE 99.

– Unknown


1 – Iceberg [Prodf. Junia-T]
2 – Cigarettes [Prod. Chinsaku]
3 – Cheesus Crust Interlude
4 – Cash Fools [Prod. ELMNT]
5 – Death Of Me [Prod. RSNZ]
6 – Will Power Interlude
7 – Happiness in 2055 [Prod. Nooon]
8 – In My Home [Prod. ELMNT]
9 – Summer Nights [Prod. ELMNT]


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