NEW MUSIC: BBRC – I Got 5 Hundred (Prod. Book & Bronze)

rez | Music | Sunday, July 3rd, 2016


BBRC pay homage sonically and in written form (see below):

Project: TMR II (Loosies)

Artist: BBRC

Song: “I Got 5 Hundred” with Rob GF

Produced by “Book & Bronze”

Artwork by Ruffmercy x Bronze (RUFFNOTES)

(Photography by Krystina Pucci | Model: Kali’i Dixon)


A rendition is a performance or interpretation, especially of a dramatic role or piece of music.

1986: Berkeley, California’s Timex Social Club release “Thinkin’ About Ya” and are labelled the creators of a new movement that successfully merge rnb and hip hop – subsequently popularized and referred to as the late 80’s/early 90’s sound we now thankfully call “New Jack Swing”. TSC sadly disbands shortly after they release “Thinkin About Ya”.

1987: Timex Crew founder Jay King forms new band, Club Nouveau, and releases “Why You Treat Me So Bad” where he interpolates key pieces of “Thinkin’ About Ya” and reworks its main hook melody, making it an even more memorable rendition than his last, as it rises on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaks at #39.

1995: Bay Area Smokers, Luniz, enlist the help from former Timex Social Club lead singer Michael Marshall to release their rendition of “Thinkin About Ya”’s main hook melody – solely to celebrate the feeling one has when they go $5 on a dime bag with a Homie, and release “I Got 5 on It” as a collaborative record – doing one better and peaking at #8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 – which also arguably sets the highest president for a Smoker Anthem’s around the world (no pun intended), becoming a certified classic in the culture.

1999-2013 Notable Renditions: “Satisfy You” by Puff Daddy, “I’m Gonna Be Alright” Trackmasters Remix by J-Lo with Nas & 50Cent, “Irresistible” So So Def Remix by Jessica Simpson with Lil Bow Wow & JD, “Only You” by Ashanti, “The Way Life Used to Be” by Snoop Dogg, “Heaven and Hell” by Meek Mill with Jadakiss and Guordan Banks, “I Know” by Yo Gotti

2016: Notes to Self BBRC release their rendition of the former classic and aptly title theirs “I Got 5 Hundred” – enlisting a new voice for the hook, one of Rob GF’s, with producer duo Book & Bronze clearly paying homage behind the boards to Timex Crew & Club Neuveau with a sound-reboot, while BBRC’s Roshin does nothing but metaphorically praise his dime bag hero’s, Luniz, all over the track. The main change however, is one of content – while the Luniz requested you bring something to throw on a joint, the BBRC gang tell everyone to come over, cause they’re sitting on too much weed to smoke by themselves.

The Luniz’ “I Got 5 on It” is THE definitive Smoker’s Anthem in rap music. Sure, one can argue a number of other classics, but every rapper who smokes weed (about 98%) has bunned one to this song. Throwing 5 on a joint so that everyone gets to smoke is a fairly universal experience for broke teens trying get high. But, if you didn’t have a 5 though, you were out of luck… PERHAPS UNTIL NOW.

“…Add a few more bills I’m down, I’ve got 5 Hundred, lets go half on a pound.”


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