NEW VIDEO: NUE – OBVIOUS (Directed by Patrice Nuelie)

rez | Video | Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Nice re-introduction to NUE. It’s been a minute! Looking forward to the new push…

From me to you;
Iroquois nights

Produced by Aid

Directed by Patrice Nuelie
918 Studios

Connect with Nue:

“It’s just a serious vibe, like almost like trance music. I love music that takes you somewhere & I like to create places with my music. Obvious to me is just this future dystopia, that’s just how I hear it.” – NUE re: Obvious perspective

“Sometimes the writings on the wall and addressing it may take more time and energy than leaving it be. Now you’re being oblivious to shit that’s right there but you just don’t wanna face it, because you don’t wanna accept it or maybe you just don’t care at all anymore. So you kind of just let it self-destruct.” – NUE re: Obvious lyrical content

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